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  1. M

    What plastics will fit

    Hi all Just wondering what plastics will fit a 2007 moto vert 125 as the plastics i have now are perishing so im looking at getting more plastics but unsure of what will fit first time owning one have always owned the bigger bikes If you could help be much appreciated picture of the pocket...
  2. 0

    what plastics will fit on a 2017 SSR SR150?

    I am wondering what style plastics would fit onto an SSR SR 150 if there is anything besides the OEM ones which are $189. I would rather not spend that since I only paid $300 for this bike which runs great but needs plastics and I just couldn't justify it. Anyone know any ebay kits that will...
  3. P

    Will crf50 plastics fit on my bike??? *Need help*

    I bought a china bike and the plastics are ruined, i knoe that its a crf50 clone with a 125 lifan in it, it has really strange plastics on it that seem to be rare, ive searched ebay Amazon literally every site and cant find them: / does anyone have the same bike or know if crf50 style plastics...
  4. B

    Wanted to buy ttr style parts or atomik fuse roller - adelaide

    i am looking for ttr style plastics, seat and tank, or a complete atomik fuse roller
  5. B

    pit bike frame?

    just wondering if anyone could help me out, i bought this pit bike frame today and was wondering what it is exactly, i want to buy a swingarm, fuel tank and some plastics but i have no idea what frame it is, thanks blake
  6. Carlts

    WTB: Brand New LXR White Plastics

    Hi guys, I will be after 2 sets of brand new white LXR plastics shortly... Unfortunately DHZ is out of stock, do you guys know of a good place to buy them? I know there is some PSTO sets on eBay but I heard they are slightly different to the Pitster Plastics and I will run into some issues...
  7. R

    Atomik fuse 125cc plastics

    Hi I've been struggling to find out what plastics/ fenders to buy for my girl friends atomik fuse. She's after pink ones and I can't figure out what style plastics will fit her bike.. Can some one please help me out :) some info would be much appreciated .thanx guys
  8. J

    Need some help with plastics an seat

    My nephew just got given a terra moto 125 but its got no plastics or seat wat type would they be crf,klx if someone would help would be great
  9. N

    Anyone know where to buy crf70 plastics? USA

    Hey, anyone know where i could get some good cheap CRF70 plastics i need Red & white ones, like the new hondas.. red front read panels back and rear fender... trying to avoid ebay, so any parts stores online or anything sell them? let me know please!! thanks :p
  10. V

    DR-Z 70 wheels and plastics

    Hello, I first want to say I am not building a pit bike. I was planning on getting my 6 yr old son a CRF 50 but found a good deal on a 2008 DR-Z 70. I am riding a 2002 XR400 and my boy wants his bike to look like dads. So the plan for the CRF was to get the complete aluminum wheelsets in black...
  11. xLOCOx

    Locos TTR50 Build

    Lol its been a long time coming to make my way over to the jap threads...even tho the TTR's are china's with high quality control! :P so well its abit low on comp..... ie: blows smoke.... and when i put it under load it dies also it needs a tank and the plastics to go with it.. so what does...
  12. D

    can someone please help me, CRF50 plastics / sticker kits

    where i can buy the original CRF50 stickers and plastics from??
  13. KtmJono_777

    For Sale: PSTO TL140 (Incl. 3 Sets of Plastics)

    For Sale: PSTO TL140 - SOLD!! SOLD!! ITEM AND CONDITION: PSTO TL140 Bike. (includes 3 sets of plastics) - Genuine PSTO 140cc engine. - PSTO use the same frame/linkage as PitsterPro LXR's. Most parts interchangeable. - Genuine Keihin PE28 Carby (bought from FirePowerMinis) - DNM...
  14. H

    wondering what plastics would fit my pit bike

    i bought it coz its a 150cc zongshen engine and its an upgrade from my 125cc. i bought the 150 without any plastics or a seat and was just wondering if anyone has any idea what plastics and seat would fit it
  15. B

    Help ID'ing this bike?

    Hey guys, hoping you may be able to help me. I recently picked up this bike locally for $100. Not the prettiest looking thing in its current state, but it runs great, and I'll be changing the plastics and fixing the rest up soon. Only thing is, I have no clue what this bike actually is. While...
  16. skidpig7

    Installing FMF Pipe on DHZ 140

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a DHZ DPRO 140 and I was wondering if anyone has installed an FMF system on this type of pit bike before. Any help is appreciated! Thanks Eli
  17. H

    help with motovert rx125 plastics

    I have a motovert rx125, I know that the crf50 plastics fit it besides you need a crf70 rear fender.. to save the hasssle buying both do all the crf70 plastics fit the rx125 or just the rear fender...?
  18. L

    Atomik 125 plastics

    Hi mini riders I recently bought an atomik 125 and I have just bought crf50 look alike plastics. Will I have to buy a different seat or will the original seat work? Probably a silly question but I'm new to the sport and don't realy know much :)
  19. R

    Advice on frame swapping

    Hey guys, So I'm new to all this pit bike stuff, but my 10 year old is just getting into it, so we've jumped on board with him. Got a bargain $50 pittys the other day, not sure what make/model etc, but it runs very well, it's a 110cc manual on a tiny crappy little frame with tiny wheels...
  20. KGILK91

    HELP NEEDED ~ Apollo AGV-21 70CC

    I recently purchased a used Apollo AGV-21 70cc mini bike for my 5 year old son... After looking at the VIN, I believe it's a 2008 model?? However, it's in poor shape. I'm trying to find a parts list and repair service manual for this mini. It needs quite a bit of work... Some of the parts...