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  1. motorman

    WTB: LXR rear brake resevoir

    WANTED: LXR Rear Brake Resevoir CONDITION: Good working condition. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Name your price. LOCATION: Melbourne. Will pay for postage. EXTRA INFORMATION: My old one is cactus. Seals are gone. Will take 2 at the right price so I have a backup. CONTACT: pm me here or...
  2. crazzy #1

    FS MSO 140SR

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Bike needs some tlc has ignition problems at high rpm and the rear brakes do not work PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $600 firm REASON FOR SELLING: collects dust EXTRA INFO: has a 150cc engine in it, comes with a fair few spares including a basket case...
  3. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2015

    Get Your votes in Jan/Feb FOTM is live! <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align: left;"><div style="height:40px;line-height: 0;"><div style="color:rgb(20,20,20);background:#1382DA;width: 40px; height:40px;float:left;line-height...
  4. K

    What is my bike?

    Hi guys, I picked up this pitbike yesterday for $200 and i'm just trying to identify what I have. The motor is a Dirtmax 150cc and the frame looks very solid. The forks are adjustable and their is also a small star cut in the frame just next to the rear shock mount. Any info would be great...
  5. N

    Anyone know where to get these parts??

    Hey yall, just wondering where i can find a few tiny parts i may need in the future.. Sorry no pics and havent an idea of what there called. but im looking the for rubber hole gasket type things you put into the rear number plates that push into the rear fender?? also looking to see where...
  6. M

    Cr80 rear shock recently rebuilt

    I have a cr80 rear shock i bought it off a guy that had a lot of bike parts for sale its recently rebuilt so it's in pretty good condition I would like to get $140 with shipping if interested pm me ITEM AND CONDITION: used PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: pay pal LOCATION AND...
  7. J

    Motovert RX build

    hey guys, I have recently acquired a 08 motovert RX. It began life as a 50cc, but the previous owner put the 110cc lifan into it. The whole bike has 740ks but the 110 was put in less that 100 ago. When I got the bike the whole engine was really loose so I needed to find some bolts and It...
  8. spoonta68

    WEAPON RX build thread

    hey alls recently picked up this motovert rx from a dude in nsw for a wicked price and once the cash had been transfered... it was pretty much loaded in a mates double doing a melb to syd truck run apon arrival i noticed that the sellers desripton wasnt exactly spot on lol -rear dnm was...
  9. my67xr

    Another pit bike, 138cc, alloy frame, 12/10

    So i picked up another bike the other day, It's a 138cc, allloy framed (faded anodised red), CRF50 style pitty, and seems to be a pretty solidly built bike. Came with Fastace AS02 forks, and I Shock rear? Alloy rims, Kenda Millsville front tyre, and a performance inner rotor kit (debatable)...
  10. C

    CRF50: rear brake pedal, HD fork set up or just HD fork springs?

    WANTED: Rear brake pedal for drum brakes HD front fork setup/springs CONDITION: fully functional PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: cheaper than brand new LOCATION: WA EXTRA INFORMATION: just pm me with a photo and price. Thanks CONTACT: PM me
  11. Mini-Fifty

    Workz WFA 125cc Perimeter project

    Hey guys, Bought a new bike yesterday and im pretty stoked on it :D It is a Workz WFA 125cc Perimeter 2008 with BBR Motorsports licensed frame. It has Fastace forks, DNM Rear shock, CNC hubs, Full Doma Exhaust made for perimeter frame, Tag bars, Aluminium frame, subframe and swingarm, and...
  12. Snaptrax

    Snap's Lxr build.

    Alright so my bike is in need of a long awaited rebuild. When i started off the problems where as listed. Forks dead Rear linkage annihilated Two broken bolts in the base of my 190cc Paint chipping off the frame. Rear brake bent Rear brake bearings dead. Chain dead. Chain slider...
  13. Rian

    2009 Motovert RX175 Registered - Brisbane

    ITEM: 2009 Motovert RX125 with a z175 engine swap. Has QLD registration until 18/11/2015. Will not come with RWC. CONDITION: In reasonable condition, gets regular maintenance and services. The z175 is a bit rattly but that just seems to be how they are, sounds the same as the day I bought it...
  14. J

    Where to buy SDG brake parts?

    I recently inherited an SDG pit bike that needs some TLC. I just about have it whipped into shape but cannot source rear master cylinder parts, seals should do it. Can you guys help?
  15. E

    Axle and rear wheel help!!

    Hey everyone, recently took my bike into motorbike city toget them to go threw my bike, the fixed the engine, took 2 weeks... Then forced the, to put rear brakes and a tube in it because I needed it for weekend, they say my axle and rear wheel and axle are 12mm and need to be 15mm? Is there...
  16. L

    12" rear wheel,crf50 style shock

    Wanted: a 12" rear wheel and a crf50 style shock Condition:hopefully a good tyre on wheel and shock just needs to work and not be really stiff Prefered price range: 100-150 all up Location: glen innes,nsw Extra information: would prefer a fastace or dnm shock Contact: private message
  17. Snaptrax

    Snaptrax's clearing sale

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 08 Braaap Maestro frame 400 Full billet alloy frame Dnm hornets Dnm rear shock Plastics wheels everything just needs a motor. Great if you have a motor and you want a great frame. 2. Braaap 2011 88 Fresh rebuild just been run in so buy it and fang it. 20mm...
  18. Biff80

    Pit Pro PP50 Rear Sprocket

    Hi there, can anyone tell me what size rear sprocket needs to go on a PP 50?
  19. china911

    Elka rear shock fix Sorted out the harshness of the Braaap rear end .. 60mm seat . looks aint right thou as comfy as air chair. Can ride the pro until the fuel runs out.
  20. F

    my fx pro ongoing project