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  1. 20210824_195056.jpg


    anyone know what this bike is?
  2. F

    Turning a hongdou pw80 into 125cc

    I am buying a cheap hongdou pw80 tomorow, as a project. Looking to put a pit bike engine in it (M2r 110/125) but not sure wich engine would fit inside the small frame. I've heard that any engine that fits in the crf50 frames will fit. Has anyone else successfully attempted this? I know they r...
  3. my67xr

    Pit Bike Carby id, what carby is this ? Carburetor, Carb, Mikuni, Keihin, Oko, VM, PE, PWK, Flatslid

    Here are some picture's of a few common pit bike carby's These are posted here for a reference to help identify your carby Keihin china copy, Sheng-Way, Jing-Ke PZ16 (16mm), PZ19 (19mm), PZ20 (20mm). PZ21 (21mm) Round bore Carb, ideal for 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc engine's...
  4. C

    X rage py90 90cc to 110cc issues

    Hello or should I say G'day I have a Chinese 90cc 4 stroke mini that I am trying to upgrade to 110cc. I ordered a 110cc barrel and piston kit form china. Everything fits fine except the piston. At TDC the piston comes out of the cylinder by about 1-2mm. Also the piston itself has no valve...
  5. G

    50cc to 110cc conversion, help needed!

    Hi, i have a 50cc pit bike and i want to get more power, can i put a 110cc cylinder on without changing the crankshaft or the clutch? i have another engine but i want gears and a manual clutch.
  6. G

    110 getting to hot

    Hey fellas.. Pretty new to the board but im just now learning the small engines.. My son has a mini 110cc atv and ive noticed its getting pretty damn hot now that he rides longer.. Iv got an electric fan i plan on putting on the side of the motor but ive also looked into oil coolers but he...
  7. Stubsy

    110cc options

    hey guys I have 2 x 110cc quads coming. Just wonder if anyone knows of a bore kit to suit at all? Anyone had an experience with modding a 110cc??
  8. L

    my new 50

    Hey guys and girls just showing off my first 50, going to upgrade it slowly. My brother brought a ZUMA 110cc and I keep up with him easily and my bike is stock.
  9. Y

    mini chopper engine

    Hi all I got a mini chopper with a eletric start Chinese 110cc engine in it it's got a scored bore I have a replacement engine but it's a kick start but it is a 125cc just wanted to know can I swap the head piston and rod from the 125cc engine on to the 110cc engine they look very similar I...
  10. B

    CRF50 clone, help needed to get it running !

    Hi all, Im new to the forum, and I need help with my crf50 clone engine. It is a 50cc 4 stroke fully auto. It doesn't have gears or a kickstart, so I am relying on electric start to turn it over. I kinda bypassed some of the electrical, but it gets spark and turns over. I checked for...
  11. force


    Hey guys the chain keep falling off my sons 110cc atomik. The sprockets are near new with no wear on them. I have tightened the chain with the tentioners and pulled the back wheel back. All to no avail. Is it time for a new chain? Sent from my GT-N7105T using Tapatalk
  12. C

    Custom Mini Chopper, please help me ?!

    Hey guys! (btw excuse my typing mistakes im usually very good but the laptop im using at the moment is old and the keyboard is a bit stuffed) First time posting on this forum, so give me a break if im a bit of a dummy when it comes to some things, plus im only 15 :) I recently aquired a...
  13. rotn50

    Postie skid to kill a postie.

    Watch kev the clown try and kill his postie, she does not sound to flash at all and turns the bike off as soon as he finishes, couldn't even put a fan on it the fool lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX2Sqfpbzos&NR=1&feature=endscreen
  14. rotn50

    Postie skid with aussie style.

    This should put a grin on a few faces, I reckon us miniriders boys could do some sik 4th geary brews. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcUSPekJycw&NR=1&feature=endscreen
  15. B


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBt9xNtnx48 For more information about this GMX Quad Bike, you can find it on GMX Motorbikes Site.
  16. rotn50

    Beading a tyre with ether

    The jeep tyre came off the bead and being tubeless i was unable to get it to bead, i have seen this trick a bit on youtube and thought it was time to try it, so here goes, This is potentially dangerous depending on the amounts of fluid you use, i dont recommend trying this and is a emergency...
  17. T

    Mini-quad 50cc 2 stroke to 110cc Lifan!

    Hi, I know this isn't the perfect place for this build, but what the heck, see if anyones interested! I've a couple miniquad chinese piece of crap things for fun for a few years. Mainly for little tracks we make here and there but moreso for when it ices over - they're too much fun...
  18. M

    Reverse super-postie!?!

    Hi! I recently was fortunate enough to come into a free 110 postie engine from my legend of a cousin as a byproduct of his 125 super-postie engine swap. Thanks again mate! It's just the crankcase and head all intact and working, minus 'everything else'. It's complete bar the carb and sprocket...
  19. Kylegooseman

    Pbe 110

    G'day, Last weekend I bought a second hand Pit Boss Empire 110 for $400, the last owner kept it in great condition and didn't abuse it. In my opinion this is a great bike, the whole thing feels solid and its got crap loads of power, I havent had chance to properly run it yet due to the weather...
  20. D

    110cc thumpstar loncin gearbox problems

    Hi all, was just wondering if you guys can share some knowladge with me i have picked up a thumpstar for 200$ it was running like a dream got it off an old mate, he only sold the bike because he had to pay off his un-needed "iPHONE" now after about a month of riding, i have noticed that...