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  1. R

    Wiring issues with a 125cc Ducar

    hi guys my son has an appolo 125 we just replaced the motor with a 125 ducar elec start witch we are not going to hook up, and ran into wireing issues the ducar has has the following colour wiring from stator* {blue/white stripe -- black/red strip--green--yellow--white}...
  2. T

    LEI Pit Bikes

    can any one tell me anything about LEI pit bikes? bad? good? i just brought this of ebay, its only for the missus she wont hardly use it, let me know what you think. NEW LEI Motor SM 150cc RED PIT Trail Dirt Bike | eBay
  3. my67xr

    my Atomik Pro X 125. the quick fix/budget build thread

    some of you may have seen my latest parts bike, it's an Atomik Pro X 125cc. i picked it up for $120, i just wanted to use the front forks and maybe the rear shock on my other bike. but i've been thinking about it and seeing as it is almost complete, i might swap my old Fuse forks onto it...
  4. U

    Ducar 125cc clutch engages sometimes, not others

    Trying to revive an old bike. I've replaced almost everything over the last 6 years and have since upgraded to a DHZ Outlaw 160 (which is awesome). Last night I tried to start the ducar, pulled the clutch lever in and it snapped the end off the cable. The lever arm on the side of the case...
  5. K

    Lifan 125 to ducar frame wiring HELP

    I am trying to swap my sons ducar 125 to a Lifan 125 after it ceased to gearbox. The Lifan has 6 wires and the Ducar which has 5 wires Anyone that can wrap their head around that, you help would be much appreciated.
  6. B

    Ducar Gudgeon pin stuck hard

    Hi, I got given a 2007 Atomik bike with a 125 Ducar motor last week. Some parts were missing, so after fitting a new throttle grip, carby and flushing the motor, although it started easy, it blew heaps of blue smoke. I stripped the engine to replace the piston and rings to find that the piston...
  7. L

    125cc ducar motor ticking noise after rebuild

    just rebuilt my 125cc ducar motor got halfway through putting the whole thing back together and i realised it was making quite a loud ticking noise with every turn of the crank, i just replaced the fork selector because the previous one was bent, have i done something wrong? any help would be...
  8. L

    what other gearbox will fit my ducar 125cc

    i have a ducar 125cc DJ154FMI and was wondering if there were any other gearboxes that would fit it, i cant find another motor for spares anywhere and no one sells the gearboxes anymore. any help would be much appreciated. cheers
  9. wayno

    125 Ducar Clutch Missing Part

    Hey Guys, My First post!, My names Wayno and im from the northern rivers area! Ive recently picked up a second hand bike with a ducar motor and the clutch side with the ducar logo was glued on, on inspection it was glued as the compartment had filled with oil, i originally thought that...
  10. sam93

    engine finished?

    My bike wouldnt start on the weekend the carbie was playing games with me, so i fixed it and tryed to start and it wouldnt so i started unscrewing the plug and snap it broke in half :( so half of its inside the engine and i cant get it out. Is my engine toast? :(
  11. sam93

    Sam's 125 build.

    Hey guys and gals, thought its about time i should start a thread up about the build. Today I am painting the Dhz frame and peg mount. I got this new paint called Por-15 (Black) its super strong and doesnt chip easy. I have done 3/4 of the paint (I just have to turn over the frame and peg...
  12. sam93

    Camshaft upgrade

    Question: What cam shaft can i get for my engine and what is good etc? How much? Engine: Ducar 125cc 54x54 Carb: Will be getting the oko treatment. (Not 100% but most likley) Head: Stock head will be getting ported Valve springs: Will be go for some new HD ones. Why? I want to get a...
  13. KLR125

    ducar 250

    hey. just got a new crappy orion 250 its got a ducar motor. it goes well. time to change the oil though. anyone have a rough idea on how much oil these china 250 motors take. i know the 125's take around 800ml to 1 litre but i dont wanna go buy 1 litre oil then find its not...
  14. brap

    clutch problems

    just been for a ride and noticed my clutch isnt engaging. its a lifan ducar motor can any one help me out??? :confused: