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  1. BananaMan

    Need help!! does anyone have a standard stator/magneto lying around

    Hi Guys, a friend of mine just bought an Atomik Nitrous and wants to set it up for rec rego, however the nitrous only comes with a single coil magneto which does not have a voltage output to run a light setup. I'm hoping someone on here who has upgraded to a IRK ( which also only has a single...
  2. DvDRip

    will lifan 125 stator work on a 140 lifan?

    I'm trying to diagnose why my bikes running like crap suddenly so I wanna swap out out the stator from my bro's 125, will this work or do they both use different kind of stators?? cheers :D
  3. D

    Magneto / Stator plate problems

    heys guys i have just bought a new stator plate or what ever they are called my old one snaped clean off i was just wondering does anyone know or have an idea of how to take off the bowl/magneto do i need a special tool or whats the go? thanks
  4. S

    Stator/Magneto Problem

    Howdy, my chain came off and cracked the magneto cover which then pushed onto this little plastic thingy (see pic) and cracked it a little as well. From my understanding it looks like it should have a little steel thingy hanging out or some copper brushes or something so as the steel wheel...
  5. H

    Stator plate (Magneto) for Thumpstar

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, sorry if it isn't. Hey, Well my bike broke about 3 months ago now. I couldn't get any spark from it at all. I've spent the last 3 months trying to get it working myself. I've replaced the Spark plug, cdi, coil and checked all the electrics...
  6. T

    Stator/Magneto not fireing

    i am not getting a spark at the magneto,i am getting a spark at the spark plug .i installed a new magneto and still no spark any help[:confused:
  7. T

    Stator/Magneto wiring

    i have a 4 stroke mini dirt bike the other day my son was riding it an the chain came off and broke the box off at the magneto so i order a new one and forgotwhat wire went with what wire any help would be nice
  8. P

    Stator/Magneto problem ?

    hay my bikes got a "magneto" problem, theirs no spark. ive tryed a new cdi and coil but still no spark. now the pikes making some strange CLICK CLICK CLICK sound from some gold thing that hads a rubber cover over it. this is the pic. and this...
  9. D

    Stator/Magneto, lighting question

    With all this magneto buisness going on these forums how much electronical items can run off the magneto??? i wouldnt mind some.. Neons haha lol or a brake light or a horn :wink: any one know