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  1. J

    Bleeder screw on the lxr

    I need some help with the fork bleeder screw on a nitro circus lxr my son has lost them does anyone know the size of them an the tread type I spoke to dhz they said they don't sell them so I'm going to have to buy a set of fork bleeders to replace them
  2. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2015

    Get Your votes in Jan/Feb FOTM is live! <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align: left;"><div style="height:40px;line-height: 0;"><div style="color:rgb(20,20,20);background:#1382DA;width: 40px; height:40px;float:left;line-height...
  3. C

    CRF50: rear brake pedal, HD fork set up or just HD fork springs?

    WANTED: Rear brake pedal for drum brakes HD front fork setup/springs CONDITION: fully functional PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: cheaper than brand new LOCATION: WA EXTRA INFORMATION: just pm me with a photo and price. Thanks CONTACT: PM me
  4. J

    Need advise Engine oil coolant an fork oil

    Hi I just brought a yz426f 2000 or 01 an want to change all fluids wondering if castrol 4t 15-50 is good for my engine i ues that in mine an my sons pitser an is any coolant good enough to use an my fork seals are shot an im thinking of changing them myself if its not to hard an was look at some...
  5. JamoHado574

    Wanted Top Fork Plate

    I'm in need of a Top Fork Plate to suit a 2009 crf70 with standard forks, if anyone has something that will fit let me know. I will be using bmx bars on it. Thanks.....J-Bomb.....
  6. M

    Chinese pit bike identification help.

    It's a 125 and it was given to me. Don't know if it's a pitster pro. He said that's what it was. I want to swap it and build it with a gpx 125. Do all parts fit from a crf50? I need new fork seals and little things here and there. I can't find nothing saying what it is.
  7. xLOCOx

    Locos TTR50 Build

    Lol its been a long time coming to make my way over to the jap threads...even tho the TTR's are china's with high quality control! :P so well its abit low on comp..... ie: blows smoke.... and when i put it under load it dies also it needs a tank and the plastics to go with it.. so what does...
  8. Blender

    Fork bottom's loose?

    Hey guys, i was out riding yesterday, when I noticed my front wheel seemed kinda loose. o stopped to see if a bearing or axle was losse, but they were fine. Once i got it home, i realized that its the bottom of the forks that were loose. They are alloy, and screw onto steel forks, so I'm not...
  9. Rizzo97

    Fork bang?

    Got a pair of Forks off a cheap TDR on eBay and when I changed the oil in them there was a thick plastic kind of Washer below that big nut at the top of the tube and around the lock nut on the rod, but it was broken, soi chucked oThe of them away because I didn't want little bita plastic all...
  10. xLOCOx

    Fork guard spacers

    well i dont have enough spacers for all the mounting holes on the fork guards... hoping to find some really cheap and need atleast 3
  11. xLOCOx

    For Fork sakes!

    ok :P just havin a squiz at the forks on the cini... well im not sure whether if its just cosmetic or its accuatlly damaged the fork... and i spotted this.... any ideas? if its just cosmetic is it possible to fix it? cheers
  12. S

    Fastace, marzocchi copy front forks, Daytona adjustable stator kit CHEAP

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Faceace front forks, In good condition fork guard stick have come off from pressure washer. $100 2. Marzocchi Front forks, In good condition $100 3. Daytona 150cc stator, In good conditon $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Need fund for my holiday LOCATION...
  13. tommyh

    Fork Seal Help???

    Hey All, Was out with Carlts at Qld Moto Park on saturday, hit some jumps on the mx track, and finally managed to pop out a fork seal... Could someone help me please through the steps in fixing this dilemma? Does it consist of simply putting the existing fork seal back in, or buying a...
  14. dynamicgs

    Fork Options?

    Hi All... Have an Atomik Nitrous Mid Size 160 (CRF70 STYLE) and after 3 months of fairly easy riding the forks are crapping themselves... Considering buying some aftermarket forks, but not sure which ones to go with.. Want to compile a list of the different forks that are popular, then I can go...
  15. helmotbros

    How Much Oil For 250 Forks

    Ive got a pitpro sx250 thats had oil taken out and i forgot to check the amount of oil it had on both legs (i know stupid move) just wondering if anyone knows how much oil is meant to be in each fork leg for a sx250 or another 250 with similar forks. And yes i have emailed pitpro with no help...
  16. j32x

    CRF Stock Froks Gone!!!

    Hi I need some advise in regards to crf 50 froks. I am running stock forks, and they have basically given up on me. I have herd you can change the fork springs to a heavy duty spring. Dose this work? What do i need to buy and where from? I don't want to buy new forks all together and i like...