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  1. Luke918273

    48mm top fork triple clamp

    Just wondering if anyone knows where to acquire a top triple clamp that is 48mm not 45mm (as my forks are 48mm both on top and bottom clamp)
  2. A

    Best Pit Bike forks for value

    Hi wanting to buy some decent forks for my Atomik Reign Bigfoot 160cc What’s would people recommend that I could get in Melbourne for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance.
  3. P

    black label forks

    Hi guys, I have purchased a set of GPX Black Label Front forks 660mm. I want to fit them to my bike. It's an older crf50 copy frame (I believe). from my research it looks like the head stem bearings will not fit my frame, I haven't stripped my bike yet to measure O.D's of mine but sounds like...
  4. F

    Can I run 660mm gpx forks with 10 inch wheels

    I just brought sum 660 mm gpx black label forks. For a bike I'm doing up I wanna run 10 inch wheels on it but the brake calliper is hitting the rim can I get a smaller one to fit or carnt u run 10 inch with these forks any helps cheers
  5. U

    honda qr 50/ cfr50 forks

    Does anyone know if stock crf50 forks would fit a honda qr 50
  6. yzf250rider


    ITEM AND CONDITION: 2008 honda crf50 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1350 negotiable. Cash on pick-up. Sold as is. EXTRA INFO: rebuilt 2 hours ago using tb 88 kit, Hd oil pump and has 4 speed gear box, kitaco rev box, bigger carby ishock +1 forks recently powder coated...
  7. Snaptrax

    Snap's Lxr build.

    Alright so my bike is in need of a long awaited rebuild. When i started off the problems where as listed. Forks dead Rear linkage annihilated Two broken bolts in the base of my 190cc Paint chipping off the frame. Rear brake bent Rear brake bearings dead. Chain dead. Chain slider...
  8. D

    A set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70

    WANTED: a set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70 or bbr sp5's CONDITION: used, I believe in recycling PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $100-$150 LOCATION: sunny coast, willing to pay for shipping. EXTRA INFORMATION: minimal pitting or rust on the legs, if crf70 forks then ill need...
  9. F

    Suspension options?

    Just got myself a crf70, has tb 88 kit with race head and cam and sure does rip. I'm very happy with the motor side of the bike but not so much the suspension, I've done a lot of research but can't find a clear answer to anything. I have a set of 730mm Gpx inverted forks but am not sure how t...
  10. C

    red barron forks help

    Her y'all. . I have a crf 50 for my son. It's got an older set of Red Barron forks and when they are pushe down they will not come back up. Any advice would be greatly aappreciated THANKS✊
  11. L

    Best stock hight 50 forks for around $400

    Hey iv got $400 and would like to get stronger stock hight forks I have around $400 what's the best to get
  12. Phil67

    Braaap - 201cc

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Braaap Classic - 201cc PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1000 for Miniriders members, cash on pick up REASON FOR SELLING: Retiring EXTRA INFO: Braaap Classic 201cc - YX160 Crank, 67mm barrel and piston Manual Decomp lever Brand new 67mm barrel and...
  13. Blender

    Fork bottom's loose?

    Hey guys, i was out riding yesterday, when I noticed my front wheel seemed kinda loose. o stopped to see if a bearing or axle was losse, but they were fine. Once i got it home, i realized that its the bottom of the forks that were loose. They are alloy, and screw onto steel forks, so I'm not...
  14. Rizzo97

    Squeaky front end?

    Hey everyone, I got a new pair of triple clamps in the mail today because my old ones were about t crack apart and weren't the right size for the forks (45mm 45mm top and bottom ) I needed 48 for the bottom and 43 for the top. Anyway.. I've assembled them on the frame leaving the top plate off...
  15. Phil67

    CR 80 forks

    Who has done it and how do I do it? What year forks? What is the triple mod needed? Wheel, axle etc? All I hear around is you have to cut 2 inches out of them and mod the triple tree.
  16. Rizzo97

    Will a 14" rear tire fit on a pitpro 125rr?

    I have a 17" front wheel and a 12" on the back of my pitpro 125rr,it came with 14"-12" and shorter forks so I had to get longer forks for the 17" to fit. Anyway, would a 14" fit on the back or will I need a longer swingarm ?
  17. R

    Can you Help to identify this bike?

    Hi all, Nubee here. Trying to help my son-in law who is active military. He had passed down to him a crate of parts of what we think is some sort of a pit bike. Simply because of the size. He has sent me several pics but has very little to go on as far as model numbers or manufacturer. He wants...
  18. Blender

    Shimming China USD Forks?

    Hey, I want to put some shims in my Atomik fury's forks to up the rebound a bit. Just wondering how I am to go about this? I've done conventional forks before, but USD's are a completely different ball game. I've changed the oil to a lighter grade, etc and I just want them abit more reboundey...
  19. S

    Awesome parts for sale at bargain prices!

    TEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Marzocchi Shiver 35mm revalved and set up by FEAL in the USA for a 75 - 80kg rider. The best money can buy, selling them half price. They are in excellent condition. $600 2. GPX Black Label forks. Only used a couple of times, come with brand new unused triple...
  20. skidz1

    Motovert type r front fork alignment?

    hey guys, just wondering if its possible to straighten the front wheel. when the handlebars are straight, the wheel is turned off to the left a little. can i adjust it from the bottom part where the axle goes through? or by twisting the forks? or could it mean that i have bent something? i have...