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  1. T

    Pitbike newbie help

    Hey guys, new to the form trying to get into hobby. Recently purchased a fully disassembled and rust hunk of junk 125cc Chinese pitbike and over the last few months put it together no issues, with pretty decent success. having had that turn out i fingered i would get another project but...
  2. carldjohnston

    MadAss 125 - Help me with a noise

    Hi All, New MadAss 125 owner here, recently picked up a 125 with a 140 upgrade; looks to have OORacing parts, new cylinder, head, carb, CDI etc. I've wanted one since they came out, and this popped up but needed some work. Owner said there was a grinding noise when running, and we...
  3. timeeh

    So my gearbox stoped working...

    As some may of read, my last race meet at Baccus last year on the last race of the day the gearbox went on my bike.... So inbetween working, and moving I finally dropped the engine today to try and find the cause. Think i may of found it? What do you guys think? Should it buff out? Also...
  4. S

    140 ?? big wheel

    So I bought a big wheel 140 pit bike for my son... at a seized vehicle auction... No idea if it ran- and it didn't! Broken kickstart. Which turned out to be a broken gearbox shaft- apparently pretty typical of these Zongshen/YX style 140's. It had also completely destroyed the gearbox bearing...
  5. S

    Zongshen 140 gearbox same as yx150/160

    Not sure if this is out there or not but thought I'd share. I'm fixing the motor in my son's bike (broken gearbox output shaft at the kickstart idle gear end) and the gearbox for this Jongshen 140 turns out to be identical to the yx150/160 gearbox internals. There you go. Hope it helps...
  6. my67xr

    my 1982 Suzuki JR50, Rusty restoration

    the other week when i picked up the Jianshe Coyote PY80 it actually come with another bike. i picked up the pair of them for $220 this is the other rusty bike, a 1982 Suzuki JR50. i thought if i fix this one up it would give Cj an opportunity to lean to use a footbrake, and that it'd also be...
  7. D

    Diffrent engine cases

    Hey all I gotta get a new LHS engine case for me yx 160. Anyone know if there's differences in them? I read a post in hear a while back where someone got a new one and put the motor back together and had shifting problems. What I remember is it came down to a casing mismatch. Anyone shine some...
  8. R

    Atomik 160cc nitrous won't go into 3rd and 4th

    Ok, basically bought an 160cc atomik for nothing, because it won't go into 3rd and 4th, pretty sure the guy didnt have much of an idea about it, basicly new he said it was a factory defect?, or did he not do something when building it up. does anyone know if there's any adjustment in the box, or...
  9. L

    125cc ducar motor ticking noise after rebuild

    just rebuilt my 125cc ducar motor got halfway through putting the whole thing back together and i realised it was making quite a loud ticking noise with every turn of the crank, i just replaced the fork selector because the previous one was bent, have i done something wrong? any help would be...
  10. L

    what other gearbox will fit my ducar 125cc

    i have a ducar 125cc DJ154FMI and was wondering if there were any other gearboxes that would fit it, i cant find another motor for spares anywhere and no one sells the gearboxes anymore. any help would be much appreciated. cheers
  11. E

    lifan 125 gearbox

    I have a lifan 125 with the 1 down 3 up pattern. Where can i find the parts as i have destroyed 3rd gear in my motor. also is this a hard repair? any hints or tips? Also i would like to bore this motor. is this possible? where do i get the piston? Cam? wht about replacing my cam...
  12. Barnesd09

    Gearbox Ratios

    Here is the final finished product for you to play with and use as you please. Speeds are only an indication and does not take into account the tyre deformation under load or the knobby's digging into the dirt. Cells containing all the data are hidden and can be unhidden for you to view if you...
  13. M

    Help please on gear box on lifan 125

    Hey just need some help i broke something on a 125cc type r head lifan motor and wondering if any one cane help me i need to no how to split the case i no how to take off head thanks to tech talk and the problem is i spin the sprocket on the motor and it is in netrual and it spins like it spose...
  14. D

    110cc thumpstar loncin gearbox problems

    Hi all, was just wondering if you guys can share some knowladge with me i have picked up a thumpstar for 200$ it was running like a dream got it off an old mate, he only sold the bike because he had to pay off his un-needed "iPHONE" now after about a month of riding, i have noticed that...
  15. G

    Clutch Issues

    Symptoms in chronological order as the day progressed: Riding went about as usual for about 30 mins or so.........then......... From a stand still, engaging 1st gear the clutch was a lot harsher. From 2nd gear on the throttle it popped out into neutral. From both 1st and 2nd gear, finding...