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  1. dno92


    Whats up everyone, This is now the second time in three weeks that the bolt that holds my clutch to the crankshaft has snapped entirely while riding it. I have a torque converter on it but with how many people i've seen with this torque converter there is no way that this is a common issue. Im...
  2. A

    140cc Lifan Clutch, Seriously need help.

    Hello, I've just signed up because this flipping lifan engine is grinding my gears. Ok so the clutch isn't disengaging I might be possibly missing something! The pin inside the clutch cover works fine. But on the engine that pin is just engaging to the bearings on the pressure plate, am I...
  3. D

    Gpx 125cc problems

    Hi everyone and thanks for reading my post. I have a problem with my motor it is a GPX 125CC. I bought the bike and brought it back home I got maybe 15 minutes of time out of it and then they croaked.topped in 4th gear was going about 50 to 55 miles an hour I get back into my buddies driveway...
  4. L

    gpx 125 problems

    I've got a Chinese pitbike with a gpx125 engine and when I start it it won't idle or rev for about half a minute and when riding it is coughing and spluttering what could the problem be?
  5. E

    Bike Serciving

  6. jimbo jones

    140 Assassin 3rd gear sliping

    I'm looking at buying a 140 assassin and the owner says it has a problem with 3rd gear and it sometimes acts like it slips what would be the problem with it and can it be fixed or will it need a new gearbox?
  7. Lochie 125

    Mikuni 22/26mm air/fuel mixtures :/

    Hey guys, I used to be on the forum a few years ago under "Lochie125" But ive forgotten my password and e-mail address to the account :/ I had my carby cleaned and Reconditioned by someone, so it had the air/fuel mixture screw taken out and cleaned, my problem is, it is under the carby...
  8. my67xr

    Testing your pit bikes' electrics, Stator Magneto, Source coil, Pulse coil, regulator / rectifier

    i thought i'd make up a thread with some pictures of a few common Stators and list the Ohms readings if anyone needs to check theirs. i'll add some other stators when i get a chance next, and some ignition coils too Lifan 125 type stator and flywheel. the black coil to the left is the Source...
  9. R

    Atomik 125cc Reign

    Hey guys, before i start i just want to let you know i know next to nothing about motorbikes so bare with me. I bought an atomik reign 125 pretty recently just to muck around on and it idles fine when im in neutral but once i go into gear the bike always moves like i can't be in first gear an...
  10. J

    PitPro SX 250 engine rattle (valve chatter?)

    Hey guys i need some help figuring out a problem with my bike. It has made this rattle ever since we got the bike. Its getting really annoying and it doesn't sound right. I have linked a video i took of it yesterday. Just looking to see if anyone can offer advice on what i could do, otherwise...
  11. C

    Engine Jerking At High Speed

    Hi.I have a dirt bike with loncin engine and it just worked fine for 1 year with no big problems...but my old spark plug broked so i bought new(not the same cause i couldnt get it) and now engine jerking at the high speed before was 95km/h now its around 50km/h...write any solution...
  12. qwerty243

    Over heating maybe ??

    Can someone help identifiy what could be causing this problem. After riding for a couple hours today my bike started to run really sh!t like back firing, spluttering and stalling. so i stop and try and start my bike and it wont, kinda of sounded flooded after trying to start it. anyway i end...
  13. C

    bike wont start

    hey guys, my bike has been having problems lately it used to start 1st kick but after i washed it i realised i got the air filter wet by accident. (there was a hole in the bag i put over it) so i took it off and let it dry out for a day and put it back on. the bike then wouldnt start and it...
  14. D

    Z160HO Clutch Issues

    Hey Fellas, Just picked up a second hand DHZ dpro 160 for the missus to learn on (shes not allowed on the big bike) and for me to have a bit of a play with. Its a decent little bike with a great engine, heaps of go in it I was fairly surprised when I first jumped on. The problem we are having...
  15. dunny29er

    Rear Brake Problem

    so when i press my Back Brake down it stays down i have to push it back up to release the break it doesn't come back by itself iv tried spaying it with WD40 but no luck not sure what to do thanks Dunny
  16. Carlts

    Jumping into neutral

    Hey guys, my friends bike engine is having some issues and I just need a bit of guidance and help so I can help him fix it. cheers Engine: 140cc lifan, air cooled Issue: When you are riding in any gear the bike randomly jumps back into neutral. Im unsure if its more prone to over bumps...