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  1. MarCon

    A quad for Xmas, Number 2 (pic heavy)

    Hi all, Ok,I thought I would put up some pics and info on the second quad being done as an xmas present for one of my other nieces. Backstory. This one is being done for a 10 year old girl. She has a moderate physical disability in the form of muscular distrophy. For a long time this...
  2. MarCon

    A quad for Xmas, Number 1 (pic heavy)

    Hi all, I know most of the traffic on here is bike related but I'm kinda fond of my quads. So just to add something for the other quad readers I thought I would put up a quick run through of one of the quads that this santa's helper had to get ready for a Xmas delivery. So some time ago I...
  3. F

    Mini ATV Need help with wiring

    Hello guys! I found a mini atv on the side of the road and decided to try to fix. It has a 2 stroke 49cc engine with electric start. However I'm having some trouble with the wiring which is really messed up. There's also an alarm system attached which I would like to remove. As my knowledge of...
  4. P

    Help with 350 Quad

    Hi All, I have purchased a 350cc racing quad with yep... electrical issues. the previous owner decided to "Try" fix it and has cut most if not all wires and ripped majority out completely as well. I'll try to attach a pic ( new one) apparently its an Atomik brand ? but cannot find anything...
  5. M

    Chinese quad and Jing Ke carb

    I've been working on my neighbours quad that has no markings on it at all. I did find that the carb is a Jing Ke. But when I took the quad off, the spring for the choke went flying. Now I can't figure out where the spring goes. Can someone help me out?
  6. D

    125 cc Chinese quad battery and starting problem

    Hi Guys My Son Has a 125 cc Quad Bike hes had it since new and it getting harder and harder too start. And for some reason ive went thru 3 batterys they are ok for about 3 months and then they are DEAD they wont Charge at all ive recently jus bought a cheap chinese Battery too get it...
  7. W

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  8. rotn50

    My china quad ride

    Heres a vid of me riding my new BBM 250 china quad, this was its 2nd day of running in and prob its 3rd hour of use from new. It may sound like i say some rude words but am easily mis-interpreted and promise i didnt and never do. <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  9. rotn50

    rotn50s BBM 250 quad.

    A few of you would know that I sold my mini Willy Jeep:( and was gonna get a 2 seater 125 buggy, but realising the buggy was to heavy to load on my own and even with ramps got stuck between the wheel wells of the Ute, which meant I would need a 2ND person to help load it. So I ditched that and...
  10. mdewar85

    2012 full auto 125 clutch adjustment

    Hi, I'm after help with clutch adjustment on a current model motoworks 125cc full auto, and does anyone know what motor this is a copy of, as its just advertised as a yamaha copy but not your usual ducar/ Lifan brands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  11. Q

    somewhere to ride???

    hey i was wondering if anyone knows where is a good spot to take my quaddy that isnt going to upset any residents. being in victoria the nanny state i cant take it anywhere but private property. so if i can sneak off into the bust in the middle of nowhere that would be sweet. i heard there is...
  12. thumpermechanic88

    49cc 2 stroke quad problem

    hey guys got my little nieces a 2 stroke 49cc quad to ride got it for nothin which was sweet it had only been ridin once but i seem to be having the problem now where it wont run i can get it to kick over by sprayin a lil engine start in the carb but soon as it fires it wont stay running like it...
  13. T

    anyone ride in heathcote, VIC

    just wondering if anyone rides in heathcote or costerfield or anywhere colose to them.