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Here's my bike
- Tag T2 fat bars
- RHK clamps
- Barkbuster bar ends
- Uni filter
- Renthal Grips
- Gold valve caps
- Exhaust mod

my ride pitsterpro x4 160cc

uni filter
superflip levers (which not on at the moment)


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hey mines a pitboss 150
-universal cr mini hi bends
-shaved seat
-cut side gaurd for the ocasional finger grab
-custom d style exhaughst
-after market cromoly foot peg mount
- after market foot pegs
-and gripper tape on the forks for improved cornering lol
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my foxico =P

125cc jialing
after market cam
IRK and light fly wheel
heavy duty clutch
sprayed plastics
adjustable USD forks
upgraded chrome swingarm
pro taper high bars
bar ends
renthal grips
uni filter
1/4 turn throttle
upgraded front brake system
front mount oil cooler
heavy duty 810 chain
thats all atm...

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125 Ducar that was badly rusted and about to be scrapped. I salvaged it and did the following:
- Uni Filter
- Five-o Bars
- Pro Taper Grips
- DC kit
- Monster Energy Bar Pad
- Tall Seat
- Resprayed Frame Red with Matt Black Swingarm
- Stiffened Forks


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strengthened 09 frame / powder coated gloss black
07 plastics and graphics
red baron tall seat
two bros big nuts gas cap
fast 50's bash plate
H/D front springs
five-o bar clamp
five-o bars
mix n match throttle setup
moto death skull grips
kitaco front brake cable
kitaco rear shock
choke mod
tb rev box
magnetic drain plug
uni filter
billet exhaust tip
tb cam for stock head
H/D clutch springs
polished cases,ignition and clutch cover
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this is my awsum arse orion!! lol
taper bars, grips
billet engine dress up kit,
26mm mikuni carby,
bridgstone tyres,
comlete new front end,
high performance coil, frame painted black,
umm yeah vote for my awsumness bike lol
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my 09 crf50 mods are

: sano bmx bar kit
: sano billet throttle
: five-0 +1 fork leg kit
: five-0 heavy duty front springs
: derlin heavy duty non slop fork bushings
: five-0 heavy duty foot pegs
: tall seat
: fast 50s extended gear lever
: sano billet gas cap
: fox float shock
: uni filter
: choke mod
: cut down honda ignition cover
: five-0 crown cam cover have it but not on yet

parts on order waiting to turn up

: front and rear sm pro wheels black
: bbr heavy duty spokes
: red baron complete tall seat
: red baron heavy duty foot peg mount

all should be here in the next couple of days

now i no this bike has been in here before but it didnt have the +1 forkleg kit, heavy duty fork springs or the hd derlin bushes so should be ok to enter
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