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WC ST Killa
Feb 15, 2007
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Mundaring, WA

Honda CRF50 88 Limited Engine/Engine Modifications:
- Genuine 2007 Honda Crf50
- Kamakaze 88 Bore Kit, Kamakaze Carby, Manifold & Mikuni Air Filter
- Kitaco HD Clutch
- Kitaco High Volume Oil Pump
- Fiveo Rev Box
- Fiveo Podium Exhaust System
- WaterProof Spark Plug Cap & Performance Coil
- Polished Clutch Cover, Ignition Cover, Manifold & Cam Cover

Roller Modifications:
- Billetware Cradle Frame
- Fiveo +3 Swingarm
- Fiveo HoneyComb Sprocket
- Fiveo HoneyComb Pegs
- Fiveo Brake Pedal
- Fiveo Pegmount
- Fiveo Race Division Seat Cover
- Fiveo High Seat Foam
- Fiveo Hurricane Graphics
- Fiveo Billet 1/4 Turn Throttle
- Fiveo Blue Chain Buffer
- UFO Plastics Kit
- Pro Taper SE Bars
- Pro Taper Diamond Grips
- Fast50's Gear Shifter
- Kitaco Throttle Cable
- Chain Guide
- RK Gold Chain
- Rear SmPro Rim
- Stainless HD Spokes Front & Rear
- Genuine Honda Rear Hub & Drum Brake
- Bridgestone Tyres Front & Rear
- Heavy Duty Bolts & Nuts Used All ThroughOut Bike

Front - Genuine 2007 Marzocchi Shivers - Stainless HD Spokes, Genuine Marzocchi Hub & Genuine FABA Rim From Marzocchi
Rear - Genuine Elka Crf50 Shock


Crf50 2007

Motor modification

TB 88kit.
TB piston.
TB barrel.
TB race cam.
TB 20mm carbie.
TB air filter.
TB rev box.
TB high volume oil pump.
TB Manuel clutch.
Polished case’s and motor (has to be in sun) for you to notice the top of the motor.


Stock crf frame:

Painted mounts (kinda hard to notice) again angle of pic.
Kenda front tire.
Rear rim no brand (while my honda is getting painted hub and laced with HD spokes).
Flat seat.
Pro taper BMX bar kit.
TB leavers.
Copy pro circuit pipe.
heavy duty Gold chain.

I have done all the work myself seance I brought this bike brand new in 07, just a little thing I have done my self, the pipe I brought from DHZ yes its a fake pro circuit made for a 140, I cut it down soo it dosnt stick out of the back as much and it also has made a far bit of a performance different and sounds really nice!!! and i also did the 88kit ect. anyway thats my bike... happy voting


z50 j1 1974


Lifan 125 port & polish

Mica Green

+10 Alloy Swingarm
10 inch rims 3.5
OkO26mm carbie
custom seat
takegawa shocks
disk brake front end
conti twist rubber 120/70
yoshi undersling pipe
led blinkers, tail light
12v converted
road rego


2009 jialing 125
NGK spark plug
NGK spark plug lead
motovert billet
throttle (stock),brake lever( stock) ,clucth lever,red motovert pro hubs,gear shifter
14" and 12" 7075 matte black rims
mojo footpegs (stock)
honda cr80 lever
protaper bars (stock)
renhal kelvar double compond grips
motovert 44mm exhaust (stock)
innova tyres
SFR chain
SOBE one ind kit
grippy one ind seat cover (stock motovert seat foam)
new brake discs
uni fliter
dnm peformance shock
HD spokes

DHZ K1 Alloy bike.
2 pics are of when it had the lifan 140 in it only a week ago.
155z engine
Billet alloy everything, not even kidding the longer you look at it the more you discover.
Billet frame and swingarm.
KLX Style.



My Magic mermaid minibike

- Comes with seat for my dolly



Base motor YX140cc
- 27mm inlet, 23mm exhaust
- Fully ported removing valve guides & port matched exhaust and inlet
- A7 cam (7mm lift) & HD springs
- NGK Iridium CR6HIX Plug
- Oil Cooler lines from side of head

- 26mm Genuine Mikuni Carbie
- Red TB 44mm aircleaner (not pictured)
- Kitaco short inlet manifold - port matched

Coil : High powered coil & Lead
Piston : 57mm High Compression Piston
Stator : IRK & Sling

- XY150 clutch
- HD clutch springs
Oil : Motul 5100 motor oil
Sprockets : 14t front 37t alloy rear sprocket
Chain : 420 pitch DID chain

- Dunlop TT92 front tyre 90/12" mounted on a 12" x 2.15"
- Dunlop TT92 rear tyre 110/12" mounted on a 12" x 2.50"
- 15mm Axles
Suspension : Fast Ace AS02's front forks
Fast Ace BS58AR rear shock
- AS02 front brake setup
- 198mm disk
- Braded brake lines

Frame : 05 Thumpstar Billet Alloy Frame
- Pro Taper SE hangers
- Pro Taper Pillow top grips
- Silver Fold back brake leavers
- 1/4 turn throttle
- Barkbusters leaver guards

Footpegs : Alloy foot pegs mounted to light weight peg mount
Exhaust : Exhaust 30mm id ProCircut exhaust shortened by 2 inches
Plastics : CRF50 plastics with Sik50z sticker kit

Mini Mulisha

1985 Honda z50 r
Tb 88 kit
H.D clutch
Kitaco engine breather kit
Fast 50s bar clamp
Red Baron bmx bars
Red Baron +1 fork kit w/disc
5-0 throttle
5-0 Pipe
Sik50s pegs and gear leaver
Reeg brake pedal
HRC Frame cradle
Takegawa rear shocks
Custom engine dress up kit
Carlisle snow hog tyres
Custom paint and panel by me!
NO CHINA CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last edited:

CUSTOM TAKEGAWA 106-sano frame
-sano swing arm
-fox air shock
-marzocchi shiver front suspension
-takagawa 106 engine kit
-kitaco roter ignition
-custum stainless spokes
-every nut and bolt is marine grade stainless
-sano exhaust
-custom paint
and too many more custom parts to list
Damn sweet looking bike Greg. Got my vote.

Tough call between that and the trick Z50.
man i'm gunna need 5 votes here at least

hmmm might have to ponder for a while

maybe you all need to send your bikes over to me for testing then i'd be able to make my decision much easier
just cause my 90 will flog most of em without taking a breath

hondas just cant handle my awsomesness on a stick
it cam down to snitch or greg, sorry snitch but the 50 won me over, very nice greg very nice
lol, i think we are going to have to have a CHINA OF THE MONTH soon seems you cant mix honda's and china's and expect a china to even tho 99% of the honda's are covered in china parts...

+1 to greg from me..
and now for the strange part.... i friggin hate honda's...unless its a CR500...
i voted for no_crf its sick, and you can see how much he has put into it, it looks great, and the motor is just sweet, i have a thing for black motors, haha.
lol, i think we are going to have to have a CHINA OF THE MONTH soon seems you cant mix honda's and china's and expect a china to even tho 99% of the honda's are covered in china parts...

+1 to greg from me..
and now for the strange part.... i friggin hate honda's...unless its a CR500...

what are you talking about none of these hondas have china parts exept snitchys z50
sano isnt china either is five 0!
I voted no_crf, one of the nicest china bikes I've ever seen

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