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  1. my67xr

    My son's new / used bike, a 2007 KTM50 SX Pro Senior LC copy

    I picked up another used bike the friday before last. It's a 2007 KTM 50 SX Pro Senior LC copy made in china Bike look's like it's hardly been used, and build quality look's fairly good too. The rear tyre only has about 5% wear, if that, it's got a few chip's and scratch's on the frame and...
  2. davedynamite

    Yamaha Chappy LB80 engine swap ► Lifan 125

    Anyone have pics or any helpful info about motor mounts and/or electrical hookupo for this mod? I have a Lifan on its way and am preparing to remove my motor and modify the frame, fit it, and get her painted...any help would be appreciated...thanks...
  3. L

    Mini quad trying to go on its own

    HELP!!! i have a mini quad i have replaced basically everything like new throttle cable, new clutch, new piston kit, new gasket kit, new back wheel bearings, new carb, and still when i start it its trying to go on its own instead of just sitting ticking over :(
  4. gottagetacheaperhobby

    ktm 50 knock off review

    So, i thought i might post up a bit of a review on the little ktm knock off my son has been riding for the last 10 months. We are just about to sell it on and up grade to a geared bike so i thought i may as well let other ppl know what i thought of it before she goes. The bike was bought...
  5. nick150

    2010 KX 85 Big Wheel

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 2010 KX85 Big Wheel (mint condition) PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $3,700 Negotiable - Cash or money transfer REASON FOR SELLING: Don't ride it anymore EXTRA INFO: Bought brand new from Peter Stevens Motorcyles, Only had approximately 7 hours riding time...
  6. Q

    Yamaha 1993 DT175 Jetting??

    Bought a 1993 DT175 for $500, it runs and it rides (rough) so I figure not a bad deal. Most of the important bits are there and working its just that everything needs some TLC. I plan on doing a full strip (minus bottom end if I can help it) and rebuilding it right At the moment i'm tackling...
  7. S

    What was the first bike in your family?

    So I thought I would go through some history with you guys cause. My story pretty much is I wasnt allowed to own motorbikes as a kid, now im old and crusty I can. My Grandpa on mums side bought one of these beasts in 1929 (took a year back then for the new models to make it here on a ship)....I...
  8. M

    Suzuki 97 RM125, I need help please

    Newbie here and I just purchased an 1997 RM 125 for my son and know noting about the bike or 2 strokes. Here is my issue... At take of the bike sounds as if it were missing but picks up speed but low on torque, and does this until i get to a certain RPM, and in second if I back off it does...
  9. B

    What is this?

    Hey guys...I just got my son a 2003 (ish) suzuki jr50 as his first bike. It runs great and overall is in good shape. However as I was going over everything I noticed a little brass nipple on the cylinder just past this intake track for the carb that I cant figure out what its for. I dont see...
  10. nickv1980

    Nicko's radness Drift trike custom built

    He boys n girls I'm still alive and kicking been really busy lately but I've got a new toy to share with ya'll ! Huffy slider 2013 spec Custom built by Mark from Midgets garage 40cc case reed 2 smoker motor ( basically a pocket bike motor with plastic covers and top mounted tank )...
  11. R

    PW50 running bad

    Hi all , My peewee is having trouble starting and takes a few kicks when it used to take just one. And when it starts to run, it dies and then you start it up and repeat that a few times and then it runs ok. And when you lift the back wheel up, it revs out and goes good. But when you ride it...
  12. gottagetacheaperhobby

    my 7 and 10 yr old sons having a ride on the ktm 50 copy

    <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf"...
  13. R

    Yamaha PW50

    Hi all, This is my PW50 that I fixed up and got going. I know it's only a peewee and it's only for a bit of fun. I got it off my cousins because they were making room in there shed and were throwing it out so I took it :) I put it in the back of my tiny hatch back and brought it 300kms home...
  14. D

    SUZUKI DS 80

    Hey Guys New member and first post here... Just purchased a a ds80 and plan on doing a few things to tidy it up... First question is are there Tank decals still available for it either oem or aftermarket?? I will post up some pics soon... Cheers
  15. GooseMan

    Mighty RV90 Resto

    Just doin a quick recondition of my rv90. I need a rear mud guard, anybody know where I can get one? Hers some pics And a current pic of where its at hanging from my new best freind:beerchug:
  16. GooseMan

    Goosey's DS80 Build

    Hi everyone, here is my DS80 Build or maybe more like a rebuild I guess, anyway here is what I have done: ***8226; Replaced bottom end bearings ***8226; Did some port work on it ***8226; Stripped the frame down to nothing and repainted most of the bike ***8226; Greased all bearings ***8226...
  17. dynamicgs

    What a little freakshow....

  18. cozza123

    Cozza's PW 80 mutant thingy

    Hello all Decided i want something different,So I've started to build this up A PW 80,80s model with a Ducar 125 moded into it Protaper bars(China copies) hehe Frame needs some wielding and mods to accept the Ducar,Plus reinforce it I'm going to purchase a GPX 290mm rear shock to...
  19. ruggs

    James Stewart's New Ride

    I think i want a 2 stroke again! haha James Stewart's New Ride - YouTube
  20. C

    Where is the CDI on 50cc china mini chopper

    I just got two 50cc 2 stroke mini choppers for $25.00 each at a yard sale. I got one of them running but not very much power. Starts out really slow and when it ganins some speed (20MPH) it seems like it is holding its self back. I heard that there maybe a rev limiter or govenor on it. They have...