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  1. pitsterproAUS


    HERE U GO GUYS EASTER SALE TIME Coupon Code = MINIRIDERCOUPON (Customer need to input the coupon code when checkout) 15% off discount on product total Not eligible for bikes, engines, and parts already on sale.
  2. motorman

    Motormans CRF450R

    Well it's about time I finally stepped up and got a 450. I must say I am absolutely loving it!! Bikes have come a long way in 10 years. haha This was an absolute bargain and is pimped out. 2014 model with 42 hours on it. Twin Yoshi awesomeness :)
  3. J

    Help please with ID on these two bikes

    Hey guys. I'm from Brisbane and I'm new to this hobby I currently own a pitboss empire 140. I would like to get a ID on these two bikes please. They will be possible projects/ fixer uppers. Thanks for any helpful input.
  4. D

    2008 ssr 125

    Hi new to the forums, found a pit bike with a spare engine for $600. I'll post pics soon. Whats the value of these bikes? I know without pictures its hard to tell.
  5. noypi160cc

    my Bikes transformation photos

  6. BlndDvl

    Fitting an oil cooler to a TDR Pro 125cc

    I recently got back into bikes after 20 odd years. In essence you could call me a bare basic beginner. I have picked up 3 bikes in past 6 months, a 110cc semi auto Marshin, a little 49cc 2 stroke pocket (for Sh*&ts n giggles) and recently a TDRpro 125cc semi auto. Was wondering if it is...
  7. 0

    melbourne rides bush or city

    Keen for someone to ride with either bush or citu no mates with bikes
  8. 0

    Melbourne rides

    Hit me up allways keen for ride got no mates with dirt bikes either bush or city
  9. rach88

    Trails/hire help?!

    Hey guys, I am in need of some help. I am now a busy youth worker and I'm constantly having requests from people to go motorbike riding. I've had a quick Google search but can't find what I'm after. Wondering if there is such a place where we could hire out 10-20 bikes and ride on a trail or...
  10. Chenaho

    Which bike brand should I consider getting?

    Hey guys, I am new to Miniriders, and I am not too savvy when it comes to choosing motorbikes. My old motorbike was a TDR 125, which was just plain and simple crappy. I had snapped my spokes just from riding, and it was slow and small - it was just complete crap. I've been looking around, but...
  11. Bilco512

    STOLEN :(

    hello all, unfortunately yesterday all my bikes (2x crf50 stockers) and 1x Crf450x were stolen from my house, the pricks just jumped the fence and took off with them out the roller door, something that i really never thought would happen to me :( here are some photos of the bikes...
  12. M

    There's no free legal riding trail's/park's without hassles.

    Where in adelaide metro south can we ride free of charge without grandma and grandpa having a whinge to the police? And where in that similar sentence can i ride my pit bike, as its no where as loud as a person doing a burnout, whilst my kids are sleeping, right out the front of my house, or...
  13. S

    Braaap "A" tomik

    ,started couple of builds 50cc atomic motox and other is 70cc atomic motox bit rough when I got them paid $70 each for them I found a seller on ebay who was getting rid of all its braaap un wanted parts I got new braaap sticker kits x2 for $10.50 at braaap are $100,2x new plastics kit for $5...
  14. Snaptrax

    2004 Yz290f For sale

    TEM AND CONDITION: 2004 yz250f with a 285cc cylinderworks big bore kit and a hotrods stroker kit to take it out to 292cc odd. Easily one of the cleanest 04 bikes you will ever se PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 3,300 For miniriders guys youll get a better price. REASON...
  15. Electrum

    Adelaide Riding anyone?

    Hey everyone just wondering if you guys were interested in having a day of riding anywhere in Adelaide? Port Gawler is excellent for both pit bikes and full sized bikes and has like.. 4 tracks I think? $20 a day for a kid and $40 for an adult? Don't like riding with myself so if anyone wants to...
  16. M

    Help with a new mini bike purchase!!!

    Hi all, Yes I'm aware of existing posts on what bikes to buy but every good bike company seems to not be making bikes anymore. I have contacted Pitsterpro about their X2 140 and Ciniworx's about their CNC 150 and 140 resulting in them both saying that they don't stock them or make them any...
  17. T-rev86

    2nd hand braaap 190 or lxr190 pros and cons

    Hey guys been looking at the braaap factory 190 and the pitster lxr190 second hand bikes I would like to hear from owners of both bikes and if they wish they Bort the other one any regrets and is the braaap 190 not having linkage that much of a deal breaker I don't want to here about price I...
  18. McDo

    "The Decision"

    I really had my mind set on buying a DHZ , mid year or end of the year, but my mates at school, who know a lot about motorbikes, are telling me that they are pointless to buy? I need to know the details of what pit bikes really are, should i save up and buy a good Honda? Or should i spend my...
  19. McDo

    Few Questions

    Hey MiniRiders, since i'm new to pit bikes, i'd just like to ask a few questions; Which bikes are Chinese? Which bikes are Japanese? Where are PitsterPro's and DHZ's made? Obviously, just the popular brands (don't need to tell what you they are) Any help would be appreciated, thanks...
  20. McDo

    PitPro vs Braaap

    Hey everyone, i'm new here so i need quite a bit of help. My username is McDo, because that's McDonalds in French (i'm not french this is the first thing that came to my mind), but my real name is Daniel. I live in Melbourne, Australia if any of you were wondering. So, i'm 15 years old and...