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  1. J

    how in the world does this fuel vacuum (i think) work??? please help.

    i recently swapped engines on my hardknock kikker and am curious about how this fuel vacuum system works as it seems to be connected to the engine. (see attached pics) there seems to be a homemade filter atop the system done by the previous owner. the engine pictured is the original 49cc engine...
  2. P

    Will crf50 plastics fit on my bike??? *Need help*

    I bought a china bike and the plastics are ruined, i knoe that its a crf50 clone with a 125 lifan in it, it has really strange plastics on it that seem to be rare, ive searched ebay Amazon literally every site and cant find them: / does anyone have the same bike or know if crf50 style plastics...
  3. S

    New mini build

    hey guy's i recently brought a pitpro crf style one with a 140cc engine but engine is missing heaps off it im thinking/planning a build it has the usd forks and swingarm with rear shock no wheels or bars im looking for any ideas as was thinking of doing a 10/10 or a 12/10 build with a semi auto...
  4. D

    China carby replacement

    Hi peeps. my niece and nephews china 50 just wont hold a tune, I am replacing the carb with something from dhz, of the two 19mm carbs they list I was going to buy the mikuni. this should be fine right? what jets would you guys recommend? Mikuni | 19mm Racing Carburetor Kit | Buy Online...
  5. mr_plow

    anyone got or ridden the china ktm 65 2 strokes?

    anyone got or ridden the china ktm 65 2 strokes? these are the ones im talking about: 65cc Race Dirt BIKE thinking of getting one for the gf
  6. motorman

    Renthal Sprockets for LXR

    Does anyone know if any fit? Would like to swap out the China ones. If not any other name brands that will work?
  7. R

    china part out.

    ITEM AND CONDITION: It was a Dhz Dpro 125, put a GPX125 race motor in it, heaps of after market parts and upgrades (Fast 50's hard foam seat like a big bike seat.) PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: Don't be scared to make offers! Bank deposit, PM me for my bank account details. You...
  8. rotn50

    What the * is this

    Was having a look around and came across this, are these ripoffs or the real thing being produced in china or just being imported into china then sold? Or am i behind the times and this is commonly known or am i just confused and tripping. 2014 Yamaha YZ450F Motorbike/ New Team Yamaha...
  9. rotn50

    My china quad ride

    Heres a vid of me riding my new BBM 250 china quad, this was its 2nd day of running in and prob its 3rd hour of use from new. It may sound like i say some rude words but am easily mis-interpreted and promise i didnt and never do. <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  10. rotn50

    Not Happy haha

    Hi guys at work today i had to pull this engine out that had a prob, the prob was not due to gearbox failure, more so it was maintenance that didnt happen basicly, this engine is a 160yx 4V and for a china 4valve apart from the rockers tapping loudly they go quite hard and sound great, the prob...
  11. rotn50

    mx style track

    Had a blat around this mx style track and it was great, i havent ridden this style before and thought it was great. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Carlts

    Fifty of the Month Oct-Nov 2012

    The final Fifty of the Year for 2012 is now up!! get your votes in for these sick rides :) Last chance for a running in the 2012 Fifty of the Year, so good luck to all entrants, Trialling a new layout, so give me your good and bad feedback, cheers, Carlton <div style="width:800px...
  13. the50king

    Riding the new GPX 125 race engine

    Hey guys this is me riding my new GPX race engine on my track, still needs alot of digging but it will get there haha p.s i know ull say wheres ya helmet so before ya ask haha i was gettin hot an took it off.. probly not the best riding but just a quick lap haha<iframe width="560" height="315"...
  14. the50king

    GPX 125

    Just bought this motor, just wondering how much oil needs to go into it??
  15. the50king


    Hey just wondering about kick starters for my china, is it worth goin all out on a forged one or wat about the CNC coloured ones off ebay n that?? anyone know if there any good??
  16. Carlts

    Alexwarehouse, opinions please?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at making an order from Alexwarehouse found here: Dirt bike parts|China pit bike parts|Outdoor sporting goods From what I can see there shipping costs and item prices are pretty reasonable as well as there proposed shipping times. So I was wondering if anyone has...
  17. ajaay

    china frames

    so i have been trying to find a frame for my custom build i want to start and cant seem too find too many. Anyone have links and stuff to some decent frames for under $250 i dont mind what type crf 50/70 or klx 110 cheers
  18. brap

    two 12 inch wheels

    hey just wondering what you think two 12 inch wheels would be like? look any good?
  19. brap

    bike spalters when i hold it flat

    hey my bikes splattering when i hold it flat.. just wondering if any one has any tips on how to stop it from doing this.. maybe clean the jets or something?? cheers
  20. brap

    clutch problems

    just been for a ride and noticed my clutch isnt engaging. its a lifan ducar motor can any one help me out??? :confused: