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  1. C

    Bought a Mini Now want to Pimp it, i need some help!

    I picked up some cheap Chinese mini from a garage sale for $100 AUD aswell as some other items i have now since sold so the minibike dosent owe me a cent, anyway i made atleast around $400 from the other items i sold so ive decided too put the cash into the bike for the annual end of year river...
  2. J

    z160ho oil cooler help needed

    I have a pitsterpro z160ho which I want to totally remove the oil cooler and not use it at all.. as the motor is in my z50r and the cooler clutters it up too much (want a cleaner look) is it just a case of finding bolts and blocking the holes in the motor ? or do I have to run a pipe to link the...
  3. T

    HELP! Is this a good buy?

    So he says it's an SDG with a GPX 125 motor. Oil cooled. No idea how many hours on motor but runs perfect and starts first kick with good compression. He wants 750 firm. I live in the desert so oil cooled is a big plus
  4. motoluver

    yx150 vs yx160

    Still undecided on what motor to put into my RX. Overall what is the better motor? I like the look of the 150cc with the electric start but the yx160 has 10cc advantage. Is there much difference in power and is the yx160 capable of lighting/charging out of the crate The yx150 is $630 and the...
  5. motoluver

    Motovert engine conversion, YX150 into RX125

    Ive got a rx125 and its time to upgrade the motor. I like the yx150cc with the electric start and lighting coil from factory and i know a lot of people have fitted these. But i have also had problems trying to fit these in the past...
  6. S

    Lifan 140 in a '64 CS90. Electrical frustration.

    I have a '64 Honda s90 that I popped a lifan 140 into. All works, motor, head/tail, brake, and turn signals. Problem I have is not enough voltage to charge the 12v battery(as tested while in idle @7.5v dc after it goes through the rectifier/regulator). This means that with lights on, I...
  7. Snaptrax

    Snaptrax's clearing sale

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 08 Braaap Maestro frame 400 Full billet alloy frame Dnm hornets Dnm rear shock Plastics wheels everything just needs a motor. Great if you have a motor and you want a great frame. 2. Braaap 2011 88 Fresh rebuild just been run in so buy it and fang it. 20mm...
  8. Bbrcrf50boy

    Motor rebuild

    Well where do I start I bought a crf50 motor with a takegawa 88 kit but it has a knock in the bottom end so I started to pull it down to find out what is wrong with it and I think I found it. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long time because it took a lot of cleaning to get the...
  9. D

    A roller

    klx/drz 110 forks, crf70 forks or bbr's WANTED: a set of oem forks from either drz/klx 110 or crf70 or bbr sp5's CONDITION: used, I believe in recycling PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $100-$150 LOCATION: sunny coast, willing to pay for shipping. EXTRA INFORMATION: minimal pitting or rust...
  10. S

    Terramoto 125cc stator .

    hello everyone i have a terra 125cc with a lifan motor the outta rotor (flywheel) pickup? has broken due to the chain coming off and hitting it. would you recommend to replace with a OE part or get a irk off ebay. do they really work or just a waste of time and more stain or the motor. Inner...
  11. R

    Wiring issues with a 125cc Ducar

    hi guys my son has an appolo 125 we just replaced the motor with a 125 ducar elec start witch we are not going to hook up, and ran into wireing issues the ducar has has the following colour wiring from stator* {blue/white stripe -- black/red strip--green--yellow--white}...
  12. H

    Pit pro 125

    Hey guys I'm new here, also just purchased a pit pro 125cc SE (lifan) And the bike has been great hasn't missed a beat just lacking a bit of power all round So I'm planning on putting a 155z motor in it and then modifying that over time Will this make much of an improvement? In other words...
  13. D

    The transformation is finally complete! SDG 107

    Got the bike for free from a friend a few years ago. The motor was shot and obviously the bike was pretty ratted out. After stripping the bike down to every nut and bolt I bought a new Lifan 125cc motor, new wheels, new plastics and a few other random parts. After a little paint and elbow grease...
  14. SCW660

    155z engine

    Hi im new here , Im wondering what everyones thoughts are on the 155z engines., the engine in question is a 2010 build. Is this the HO motor ,how can I tell on the engine?, the barrel has 155z stamped on it. cheers Shannon
  15. ash.onmtb

    mechanic to rebuild z50 motor SE Melbs

    As title states, looking for a reputable mechanic/engine shop to rebuild a z50 motor back to being as reliable as the factory made it, with maybe a sniff of performance (as who can really stand to tear something apart and rebuild it without improving it...) Chasing rock solid reliability, and...
  16. S

    Which stickers?

    Hi there! I've recently bought a cheapo pit bike at auction for my son and am going through the usual things to fix before he can get out there and try it out (not working kick start turned out to be a broken gearbox shaft- DOH!) Anyway, any ideas what it is and more to the point which...
  17. G

    won't start..

    Hey guys new to the forum. Bought my son a new little tao tao 110 atv to learn on before he was big enough to move up to my daughters LT80. Yesterday he found himself a Water hole and got himself stuck.. quad was running fine even after I got him out and in the process of getting myself...
  18. E

    wtb: upgraded motor for motovert

    WANTED:i need a motor which is easy to fit and makes more power than the stock 125cc does CONDITION: new or used PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: anything reasonable LOCATION:in syd but will pay for postage EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: pm or reply here thanks!
  19. rotn50

    Parting out a lifan 150cc(cylinder head not available)

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Parting out a Lifan 150cc,(cylinder head not available) PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: All parts no matter how big or small are $5(well if you need something small ask for a price and i will be very reasonable on price. You pay postage, post will depend on...
  20. KLR125

    help:Motor leaking oil?

    hey. my motor (125) is leaking oil not really badly but if i let it sit overnight theres a drop or two on the ground. its comingfrom the rear casing near the sproket i put 15/40 oil in so is not thin oil. its an old motor and i will be uprgrading in the near future so im not to interested in...