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  1. D

    2008 Pitpro Lifan 125 Neutral start Compression problem

    Hi all, so a few weeks ago I was riding my pit bike when suddenly when I was riding in every gear it was just screaming in every gear and not going anywhere, So I check the oil and it was bone dry, stupid of me to check! their was a little bit of smoke coming out so I turned it off straight away...
  2. A


    Mini Mx Viļaka 2016 - YouTube
  3. A

    My New mini mx track

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MmubZ3yeiiY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. D

    Pitpro 125 Problems

    Hi all, I recently bought a pitpro 125rr and it runs really good but it gets really hot and overheats every 5 minutes. The oil we put in it was 10-30. What could be the reason for this?
  5. D

    Best 125cc Pitbike

    Hi my name Is Tyson and I am 12 turning 13 soon and 5ft tall, I am going through a growth spirt and wondering what is the best pitbike that will suit me, I don't want to be doing jumps or that, just casual dirtbike riding. Also wanting something reliable that is a strong bike. I have been...
  6. Hilli32

    Pitpro Limited Edition 140cc Motard bike

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Originally bought in 2011 to race warrnambool state motard championships but hasnt been ridden since end of 2012! ...Motor mods include... -High comp piston -High performace camshaft -Ported and Polished head -New gearbox plus it was correctly shimmed ....Rest...
  7. O

    70cc/90cc best choice under 1g

    I was close to getting the atomik then saw people saying they break easy, I see gmx 70cc from Australia, or the 90cc pitpro towards the pitpro. Are there any better options out there or is the pitpro the way to go? Thanks in advance
  8. C

    Want to install LED light bar on a 125cc rr PitPro

    Can anyone help me? I want to install one of these 2X 7inch 36W Cree LED Work Light BAR Flood Offroad UTE Reversing Spot 12V 24V | eBay Bit I'm not sure about the electronics. My pitpro has a lighting coil but i get confused at installing a 4 pin regulator to transfer the AC current to DC...
  9. J

    Pitpro 140 le help!!!

    hey guys, long time lurker first time poster, Ive got a pitpro 140 le, the ignition is breaking down in the top of the rev range, also wont sit on constant revs, have replaced ignition lead, cap whick was rusty from water ingress, could it be the stator?? Im a mechanic by trade and have tinkered...
  10. Rizzo97

    Will a 14" rear tire fit on a pitpro 125rr?

    I have a 17" front wheel and a 12" on the back of my pitpro 125rr,it came with 14"-12" and shorter forks so I had to get longer forks for the 17" to fit. Anyway, would a 14" fit on the back or will I need a longer swingarm ?
  11. Electrum

    Need help on a Bike!

    Hey everyone. I'm going to upgrade as soon as I get around $1,000 ! I am very very interested in this PitPro 125cc SE 17-14 | PitPro Dirt Bikes Australia's Largest Online Pitbike Store can you guys tell me if it's a good bike. I currently have the pitpro 125 RR but I sent a big wheel motorbike...
  12. McDo

    Few Questions

    Hey MiniRiders, since i'm new to pit bikes, i'd just like to ask a few questions; Which bikes are Chinese? Which bikes are Japanese? Where are PitsterPro's and DHZ's made? Obviously, just the popular brands (don't need to tell what you they are) Any help would be appreciated, thanks...
  13. S

    The best bargain yet !! Z160HO PitPro !

    So I've been scoping out the pitbike sites for a while. Decided a few people would be around home todays so I put up that I was after a new motor, something decent. Some guy messaged me said he had a 160yx fully running, all gears, he has a big bike now and wants to get ride of it as his lad...
  14. S

    Foxico Z160HO, trails/enduro bigwheel

    Sweet just picked this up on a lead from mx67xr, cause he's such a great bloke! Talked the guy down from 250 to 200 since the back wheel is cheese! May be able to re-spoke it and tighten it up but possibly needs to be replaced. The chain is rusted together. It did go through from 1st-4th on the...
  15. S

    SA miniriders day....a few riders short but we still had a blast!!!

    Ok just the easiest thing to edit, I think we're all a little tired today! Will be posting up some youtube vids of it once I have enough energy to edit them!!! Hope some others got out for a boot this weekend? Was a little warm and dusty but hey, still a lot of fun!!
  16. R

    Advice on frame swapping

    Hey guys, So I'm new to all this pit bike stuff, but my 10 year old is just getting into it, so we've jumped on board with him. Got a bargain $50 pittys the other day, not sure what make/model etc, but it runs very well, it's a 110cc manual on a tiny crappy little frame with tiny wheels...
  17. S

    Couple of questions about the new rear shock for PitPro 2008

    Ok so firstly....this gap! Should I be getting some washers to stop it moving around or does it not matter? Photo 1 the gap Besides from that the new shock is 290mm fits fine so no probs there. The stroke is 66 or 67mm which should increase the rear travel a little. Now I guess the geometry...
  18. S

    Correct valve clearance gaps on a lifan 150?

    What sized feeler guages do I use for intake and exhaust on the 150 lifan motor?
  19. S

    PitPro 150 bigfoot build/dismantle

    Well I did it again. Picked up another bike cause I wanted to get a 150...So I got this. Was pretty damn cheap at $300, has a DNM rear shock fully adjustable and rebound adjustable forks. 150yx and pretty clean generally. Needs a new seat and new rear fender besides that its just a bit of...
  20. motorman

    Like Buttons Enabled

    Hey All, Well due to popular demand we now have the like buttons back on the site. They are just under the bottom of each post. This will add a link to the thread on your wall or whatever you Facebook weirdo's call it. :) Can also do Google+. If enough people use Twitter I can...