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Jun 26, 2011
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hey guys new to minriders, av just bought a secondhand quad with i think a lifan motor, it is a horizontal mount and iv had dramas with what i believe to be a timing positioning plate that is bolted to the cdi housing that goes on the outside of the magneto flywheel. it is gold in colour and when i got the quad the motor ran fine, the next time i started it tha motor it ran sluggish and stalled alot, the next time the motor would not fire at all even though i had good spark, fuel and compression. once i removed the cdi housing i found the bolt holding this plate in place had rattled loose and tha plate was coming in contact with the flywheel - it also had wear signs of previously coming into contact to the notch onthe flywheel. i retightned the bolt and the engine fired straight away but i could hear ticking where the plate was hitting the flywheel. i read on miniriders forum of asimilar prob and the advice was to bend this plate up out of the way of the flywheel thus fixing the prob. i did that and the engine wouldnt fire again. i bent it back to a level position and the motor runs fine again!? can anyone pls tell me what this plate is? and is there a specific clearance it should be away from the fly wheel for correct engine performance? Cheers guys. CUZZA
i think i know what your talking about but id like to see some pics what what your referring to exactly.. your calling things the wrong name and it could make a decent reply hard..
cheers for the reply will take some pics tomorra and upload them as quik as i can
my digital camera is not workin so i found pics on the net of the side cover, this is identical to mine. the plate im talking about is not in the picture but its a gold colour plate that bolts in the top left hand corner of the inside of the housing, you can see the bolt hole in the pic. im sorry if these pics dont help, if they dont let me know and ill get a camera and take the proper pics. cheers CUZZA.1-l.jpg


managed to work it out myself, turns out the plate breaks the magnetic field created from the magneto flywheel by discharching it to the earth of the engine casing, motor runs like a gem now. the clearance of the plate from the flywheel is 1mm. make sure the bolt has loctite on the thread to prevent it rattling loose. if you have good spark, fuel and compression but the motor wont fire over, this plate will more than likely be the problem. cheers for the help anyway guys. CUZZA

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