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  2. S

    Best carb opinions for 160cc

    Hi guys New here and looking for some opinions. I recently got myself a m2r rf160cc. When a bought the bike I was under the impression it came with a 26mm mikuni carb with idle and air/fuel mix but it doesn't seem to have the mixture screw so I was going to order a new nibbi pe26mm carb. But I...
  3. quintero.eric

    Is the Mikuni 26mm carb the best one for Apollo 125cc

    I got a new Apollo DB-x18 and the carb sucks! I live near Austin Texas and I need to buy a new carb. Is the Mikuni 26mm the best and should I buy extra jets or needles for it? Any suggestions on carb set up for Texas area. I appreciate any help one can give. My 11 and 9 year old boys will...
  4. FEAR

    FS kehin FCR28

    VGC hardly used. $350.. go fast
  5. Naturalbornthriller

    Pit Bike Idling High then low then high .exc. with choke on or off:(

    I have an EVO 140cc Lifan Engine Iv noticed it is low on oil but dont know if it could be causing this problem, sorry im fairly new to bikes, also nothing really changes with the air fuel mix (only one screw on the carb and its on the left hAND SIDE opposite ide from the choke. Any...
  6. C

    New carb fitted, just backfires

    Hi everyone I'm new here and have no experience whatsoever with the mechanical side of things. I have a 140cc Atomik bike and after a ride the carb started pissing fuel from one of the hoses. Cutting a long story short I pulled the carb apart several times and only made things worse (although...
  7. my67xr

    Pit Bike Carby id, what carby is this ? Carburetor, Carb, Mikuni, Keihin, Oko, VM, PE, PWK, Flatslid

    Here are some picture's of a few common pit bike carby's These are posted here for a reference to help identify your carby Keihin china copy, Sheng-Way, Jing-Ke PZ16 (16mm), PZ19 (19mm), PZ20 (20mm). PZ21 (21mm) Round bore Carb, ideal for 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc engine's...
  8. M

    drive train slop / lag

    I have about two second delay between when engine revs and xr50 picks up and goes when I throttle up . also jerks when throttling down. It's an 03 xr50 stock motor. Just replaced clutch plates and put bbr springs. Clutch is adjusted properly and broken in. Carb is adjusted properly. Anyone...
  9. J

    Looking for a good carburettor option for a 110 lifan

    Hey guys. I currently have a pz27 on my lifan but it seems that it may be too big as it bogs under full throttle from idle. I have researched and found that a smaller carb may be better for the 110.
  10. N

    Mikuni copy 22 26mm Carb help needed asap

    Hey yall.. need some info or advice/help on my mikuni vm26 copy carb, the float bowl gasket is shredded up and leaking at one side, when its on the bike and gas is flowing, so I put some dry weld silicone on it for now but I need to find out where I can buy these bowl gaskets?? ive no idea...
  11. J

    need help with bike not running well. PBE 140

    hey, i Have a Pit boss empire 140. when i bought the bike second hand it ran well. i decided to drain and clean carby out due to slight hard to start issue. after cleaning the carry it started and ran well for a few days. now the bike is hard to start and backfires/pops and bogs down when...
  12. N

    Few issues i need a little help with

    Hey yall, got some new jets today, put them in after i rode my bike for a few hours just messing around as i was getting injections and all this other **** so i wasnt riding for awhile!!! anywho! lol.. i put the new jet in, the new jets are #20 the old ones are #15 look the same to me to be...
  13. B

    pit bike throttle help

    i have an apollo 007 dirt bike/pit bike. the throttle is fine when im cruising around but when i go to pull a wheelie it bogs out. I adjusted my throttle to see if that would work but it didnt. im not sure if i need to clean the carb out but if anyone has an idea
  14. N

    Much needed help with a carb mixture screw

    Hey yall, installed the Mikuni VM26 today on my 125cc Pitbike (apollo ADR) i currency got everything working alright i think just takes a bit to heat up.. wondering if anyone on here has the mikuni carb OR what there fuel/air mixture screw is set at? from tight in how many turns is yalls...
  15. N

    Help with carb bars etc on Apollo pit

    Hey yall, ive been here for a few years, was done with pitbikes for awhile, now im in the USA visiting/living and i got myself a new Apollo ADG 125cc Pit bike CRF70 Sized frame, its brand new 2014..and yrs back when i had my old Monster moto i tuned the carb up with the whole mixture/idle screw...
  16. N

    Help with Apollo 125cc Pit bike

    Hey yall, new here, but i just got an Apollo 125cc pit bike today brand new from dealership, low balled the guy and got 100 off for it,.. i guess it wasnt cranked in awhile so it was hard to start but the dealer got it started and had a go and it was fairly hard to keep it idling.. so im asking...
  17. D

    China carby replacement

    Hi peeps. my niece and nephews china 50 just wont hold a tune, I am replacing the carb with something from dhz, of the two 19mm carbs they list I was going to buy the mikuni. this should be fine right? what jets would you guys recommend? Mikuni | 19mm Racing Carburetor Kit | Buy Online...
  18. G

    Oko 28mm carb angles/angled top

    What angles will this carb run at does it make much difference? Also can u buy those right angle carb tops for them Id it helps its a d slide.
  19. M

    Chinese quad and Jing Ke carb

    I've been working on my neighbours quad that has no markings on it at all. I did find that the carb is a Jing Ke. But when I took the quad off, the spring for the choke went flying. Now I can't figure out where the spring goes. Can someone help me out?
  20. Rizzo97

    Loud pop/crack/bang from lifan 125

    I Have a dodgy intake valve tappet cover on my lifan 125 because I snaped one of the bolts ages ago and couldn't get it out, so I drilled in next to it and I drilled through into where the little adjuster rod and locknut are and metal shavings got in there :/ went for a strap cuz I got the cover...