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  1. I_THUMP

    DHZ and Pitster Pro present The Miniriders Christmas Competitions

    Since Christmas is rapidly approaching we thought we would run a couple of competitions for all our members to get involved in. Ken from DHZ and Pitster Pro Australia is going to award the winner of each competition with a $100 voucher to spend in any of his online stores. You can use the...
  2. MitchAustralia

    Boots or Jersey and Pants??

    Hey, My birthday is coming up soon and my grandparents want ideas for a present. They are very generous and usually spend around $100 on me and I am very grateful for this :) Im tossing up between getting a jersey and pants or boots. I've added up that a Fox Jersey and Pants cost around $85...
  3. jordz__007

    When does braaap frankston open?

    i really need to know when the new braaap frankston store opens. really wanna check it out and need to get some parts aswell. anyone know?
  4. Xtina

    Introduce yourself :)

    I didnt see a thread about introductions... About me: NAME: Christina AGE: 22 LOCATION: Brisbane southside BIKE: TTR 230 and Motovert 125 I work full time for an insurance company, model and do uni. Love to ride but bugger all places in brissy now :( Copy and past the following...
  5. SIK50

    Sa Riding Spots Still Open

    With all the development going on around adelaide and further afeild maybe its time to start a new post of still ridable locations.........
  6. Ruby

    Got my new gloves!!!

    These cost almost as much as a new Lifan 140cc engine LOL, but they're so worth it. Most of the MotoGP boys use them. I hope I never need to 'crash test' them. Now I need not worry about being able to wipe my ass, if I ever crash at the track on my hands. ;) They're a bit stiff being...
  7. STICK

    Emu Creek

    Yea Heading to EMU CREEK 1st JUNE
  8. foolsp33d

    SA Riding Spots

    The Following is a list of riding spots in SA. Please feel free to contribute.
  9. foolsp33d

    WA Riding Spots

    The Following is a list of riding spots in WA. Please feel free to contribute.
  10. STICK

    Emu Creek

    Yea Thinking about going to EMU CREEK for a look,Anyone been?
  11. mad man

    Official "jokes" thread.

    Whats brown and stikey? a STICK. How to drown a blonde- put a mirror at the botom of a pool. Why did the blonde climb over the glass wall? to see whats on the other side. Irish inventions. ______________________________________ PEDAL POWER WHEEL CHAIR. WATER PROOF TEA BAGS. EJECT BUTON ON A...
  12. mjc85

    Boots/Jerseys/Pants and Gloves.

    Hey im looking for an online store that i can buy some riding gear from, i am after motocross gear for riding my pitbike.