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  1. Naturalbornthriller

    A Cheap and Reliable UK site !

    Iv ordered parts and they have been fantastic , for all based in uk i usee :
  2. R

    Where to buy part's to suit an SSR110

  3. pitsterproAUS


    HERE U GO GUYS EASTER SALE TIME Coupon Code = MINIRIDERCOUPON (Customer need to input the coupon code when checkout) 15% off discount on product total Not eligible for bikes, engines, and parts already on sale.
  4. J

    Parts to suit motovert RX brisbane

    WANTED:I'm chasing some parts to suit a RX Aftermarket exhaust Good throttle Chain gaurd (for road worthy) Motor bash plate Let me know if there is any other parts / upgrades you may have for sale CONDITION: good PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: TBA LOCATION: brisbane northside but can...
  5. N

    Anyone know where to get these parts??

    Hey yall, just wondering where i can find a few tiny parts i may need in the future.. Sorry no pics and havent an idea of what there called. but im looking the for rubber hole gasket type things you put into the rear number plates that push into the rear fender?? also looking to see where...
  6. M

    Help id what bike this is

    I bought this bike for parts hoping to use it for parts. But looking at it twice I slapped a new carb on there and she fired right up! Does anyone know what this is?? I need a new seat I don't know if it's the same seat on the klx110 because the normal crf50 seat won't bolt up! Serial kn152fmh-2
  7. M

    Chinese pit bike identification help.

    It's a 125 and it was given to me. Don't know if it's a pitster pro. He said that's what it was. I want to swap it and build it with a gpx 125. Do all parts fit from a crf50? I need new fork seals and little things here and there. I can't find nothing saying what it is.
  8. Mini-Fifty

    Workz WFA 125cc Perimeter project

    Hey guys, Bought a new bike yesterday and im pretty stoked on it :D It is a Workz WFA 125cc Perimeter 2008 with BBR Motorsports licensed frame. It has Fastace forks, DNM Rear shock, CNC hubs, Full Doma Exhaust made for perimeter frame, Tag bars, Aluminium frame, subframe and swingarm, and...
  9. Snaptrax

    Snap's Lxr build.

    Alright so my bike is in need of a long awaited rebuild. When i started off the problems where as listed. Forks dead Rear linkage annihilated Two broken bolts in the base of my 190cc Paint chipping off the frame. Rear brake bent Rear brake bearings dead. Chain dead. Chain slider...
  10. N

    Anyone know where to buy crf70 plastics? USA

    Hey, anyone know where i could get some good cheap CRF70 plastics i need Red & white ones, like the new hondas.. red front read panels back and rear fender... trying to avoid ebay, so any parts stores online or anything sell them? let me know please!! thanks :p
  11. J

    Where to buy SDG brake parts?

    I recently inherited an SDG pit bike that needs some TLC. I just about have it whipped into shape but cannot source rear master cylinder parts, seals should do it. Can you guys help?
  12. T


    HUGE PITBIKE PACKAGE SALE Parts included in package listed below. ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: Parts are itemised as per order of photos. Prices are only to follow moderators rules. Not parting out this package, want it all gone together. 1. HD peg mount, pegs & kickstand – New -...
  13. D

    Crf50 bits

    WANTED: bar kits, tall seats, suspension bits, heavy duty rims. anything to build a decent stocker CONDITION: used, I believe in recycling PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $50 to $100 for bar kit; more if other controls included, up to around $100 for seat, depends what suspension gear you've got...
  14. M

    china 110 loncin atv engine clutch parts seem to be missing?

    i bought this atv casing was open parts of the clutch is missing the front face plate old owner says this shaft was never there like on the image i showed of 125cc. am i missing this shaft?or is this something only on the 125cc, if i am supposed to have one can you tell me what it is called or...
  15. BennyG

    Tuned Thumpstar TS-E 125cc

    Hi all, I own a Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pit bike and am looking to upgrade parts on it (eg, rear shock, air filter, carby, throttle & clutch assembly). I know very little about bikes, (hence me buying a Thumpstar), and have noticed that many of the parts are labelled with CRF50, CRF70, TTR110...
  16. ash.onmtb

    z50r parts (to suit +/-'86 50r)

    WANTED:Seat, brake pedal, brake rod, exhaust, heat shield, chain cover, plug lead, coil, brake lever blade CONDITION: Good or better. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: mid but fair LOCATION:Murrumbeena vic EXTRA INFORMATION: Building up bitza into '86 looking 50r, need these parts to get close...
  17. motoluver

    New rx125, been out of the minibike game and need help

    Hey guys Ive been out of the pit bike game for around 4 years. I used to have a dhz140 and i bought a brand new RX50 in 2008 and put a lifan 140cc in it. Today i bought myself an immaculate motovert rx125 with 1000kms on the clock and completely original besides the mirrors, still has...
  18. P

    CT70 4-speed standard

    I have a CT70 with a 4-speed standard transmission. I would really like to put the 3-speed automatic trans into this bike. is this an easy swap?, What parts will I need exactly please? A parts list that is required would be very nice. Thanx in advance. PS,,,it is actually a CT70H original...
  19. B

    Determining engine

    Hi I have gotten a 150 from a friend that's not running and alot of parts missing I'm not sure how to tell what engine it is exactly though so I can source any parts needed Any info on what to look for where would be great I can post up pics a little later just not right now I have been...
  20. S

    What happened?

    Hey all Im new to the whole mini thing, I finally decided my son was old enough to start riding and going to mx races so I bought a couple of crf50s. While his will stay pretty stock mine however will eventually get upgraded. One thing I noticed while looking at parts was that BBR has...