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  1. A

    2008 suzuki drz 70 random cdi questions

    Hello I'm new to the forum so I would like to start out by saying hello and thank you for any help or info. My question is I have a 2008 suzuki drz70 dirtbike I bought in 2012 from a buddy that rode it since it was new. When I bought the bike it had been sitting for about a year and a half...
  2. J

    Pit Bike Issues

    Hi Guys, im new here (Will introduce myself). I recently purchased a 150cc Pit Bike (Chinese im assuming). Got the bike for next to nothing due to it needing some work. According to the seller, the bike needed oil ring because of the smoke and clutch lever. I replaced the clutch lever to test...
  3. mason2race

    M2R YX140 ( w/ Molkt carb ) PROBLEMS!!

    Hi mini riders I have got some problems with my brand New pit bike from in the uk. Bike came already built up(PDI) btw! So, first & foremost before first engine start removed the plug out(Denso...btw) was sooty black!! Banged in a fresh NGK cr7hsa plug ..then continued to...
  4. S

    AJS CR3 Starting issues HELP!!!!

    Hi everyone! Bought a 2nd hand AJS CR3 for £100 off some guy who said valves were knackered. Took head off and valves look fine. Need to check valve clearances though. I eventually got it started but it wouldnt rev above 6k. Came back to it the day after and bike had fallen over in the...
  5. J

    need help with bike not running well. PBE 140

    hey, i Have a Pit boss empire 140. when i bought the bike second hand it ran well. i decided to drain and clean carby out due to slight hard to start issue. after cleaning the carry it started and ran well for a few days. now the bike is hard to start and backfires/pops and bogs down when...
  6. motorman

    New Sub Forum - Cars

    Thought I would start a thread for cars so we could all post our's up. Fire away. Will get some pics of the new hilux.
  7. motoluver

    yx150 vs yx160

    Still undecided on what motor to put into my RX. Overall what is the better motor? I like the look of the 150cc with the electric start but the yx160 has 10cc advantage. Is there much difference in power and is the yx160 capable of lighting/charging out of the crate The yx150 is $630 and the...
  8. motoluver

    Motovert engine conversion, YX150 into RX125

    Ive got a rx125 and its time to upgrade the motor. I like the yx150cc with the electric start and lighting coil from factory and i know a lot of people have fitted these. But i have also had problems trying to fit these in the past...
  9. N

    Help with Apollo 125cc Pit bike

    Hey yall, new here, but i just got an Apollo 125cc pit bike today brand new from dealership, low balled the guy and got 100 off for it,.. i guess it wasnt cranked in awhile so it was hard to start but the dealer got it started and had a go and it was fairly hard to keep it idling.. so im asking...
  10. Rizzo97

    Kx85 wouldnt run properly now won't even start need help

    Hey everyone. I got a old 2001 kx85 yesterday and me and my brother have been workin on it ever since trying to get it back in running order seeing As its been very neglected. The bloke I baught it off said it had just had a rebuild and taken for a few rides then left in the shed. Won't go into...
  11. S

    Help with new bike

    Hey guys I just brought my little nephew a Crf50 but after I brought it I found out it has had a Motovert 133cc engine fitted Now I tried to start it today and it won't start so I am asking for some help from the techs or pro's as I have tried a few things and it won't start I pulled the...
  12. S

    Terra moto 125cc build, and my first bike.

    hello everyone first post, i just got myself a pit bike a terra 125cc, my first bike i have owned. have some riding time on 250 and stuff. not a lot though. been looking at this forum for a few days could help signing up and posting my progress, anyway bike is a 125cc terra moto 07 i...
  13. Y

    mini chopper engine

    Hi all I got a mini chopper with a eletric start Chinese 110cc engine in it it's got a scored bore I have a replacement engine but it's a kick start but it is a 125cc just wanted to know can I swap the head piston and rod from the 125cc engine on to the 110cc engine they look very similar I...
  14. B

    50cc fuel query

    Hi all, I have a cheap small 50cc mini quad. Got round to getting it all sorted, now it starts and cuts out. Bit hit and miss whether it will start or not and if it does it cuts out pretty quick. Spark plug was loose somehow :S so tightened that and still does it. removed fuel line between...
  15. Johnny_Boi85

    whats all this noise about

    Hey guys started hearing what sounds like a dry lose bolt coming from the motor. its an internal noise. I know its nothing to do with the head as ive recently had it off due to carby issues. The noise is there from start up cold to hot and just when idling. A little throttle makes this sound go...
  16. Rizzo97

    Loud pop/crack/bang from lifan 125

    I Have a dodgy intake valve tappet cover on my lifan 125 because I snaped one of the bolts ages ago and couldn't get it out, so I drilled in next to it and I drilled through into where the little adjuster rod and locknut are and metal shavings got in there :/ went for a strap cuz I got the cover...
  17. D

    Mini Moto DR9 Monkey 50cc

    hi all, i have just bought the above bike 2nd hand, it has spark but will not start, i have the carby off & looking at cleaning & trying again.. problem is the cut of switch is disconnected?!?! dont really want to start it if i cannot turn it off, question is how do i wire this into th...
  18. G

    help with wireing a loncin 48cc mini chopper engine please

    hi i was jw if anybody could help me with my mini chopper wireing im tottaly new to this and idk what to do i have searched this up everywere now all i want for now is to hook my engine up so it will start with a kick start i can add pics to help if needed
  19. Tryggvi

    Possible electric start?

    Hi, i mostly watch threads instead of making them so i might do something wrong anyway i have a 125cc terra moto krusha and it has a starting motor and all the wires but not a battery i was wondering if it's just that simple that i need to buy a battery but just to be sure i took some pictures...
  20. the50king


    Hi last night i was tightening up my kickstarter and did it too much and snapped the bolt off in there so i tryed drilling and a hammer to get it off but i seem to of hit the kick starter spline into my motor more?? it wont come fully back up now.. its a lifan 125, anyone help me out on what to...