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  1. J

    140cc head on a 150cc engine

    Hey everyone! I recently bought a second hand pitster pro lxr with a lifan 150cc oil cooled engine for cheap with some issues. Originally it was burning a lot of oil and would constantly puff out a cloud of blue smoke from the exhaust while running. My first thought was that it could be bad...
  2. my67xr

    Pit Bike Carby id, what carby is this ? Carburetor, Carb, Mikuni, Keihin, Oko, VM, PE, PWK, Flatslid

    Here are some picture's of a few common pit bike carby's These are posted here for a reference to help identify your carby Keihin china copy, Sheng-Way, Jing-Ke PZ16 (16mm), PZ19 (19mm), PZ20 (20mm). PZ21 (21mm) Round bore Carb, ideal for 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc engine's...
  3. crazzy #1

    FS MSO 140SR

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Bike needs some tlc has ignition problems at high rpm and the rear brakes do not work PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $600 firm REASON FOR SELLING: collects dust EXTRA INFO: has a 150cc engine in it, comes with a fair few spares including a basket case...
  4. bronx188

    LIFAN 150CC POPS OUT OF 1ST AND 2ND? heeeeeelp!!!!

    hey everyone just a question... I just bought a 150cc dirt bike with the 150cc lifan in it from a bloke. has a dual stage carby, special air shock on the rear, usd forks, exhaust, bifolding clutch and accelerator and a few extra bits.. .im happy with what I got... however it pops out of...
  5. Mini-Fifty

    Back with a new build, Dirtmax 150cc

    Hey Everyone, Havent been on the forum for a while, lot of work and other stuff, but the interest of pit bikes has not been gone. Bought a ´Dirtmax´ 150cc Pitbike last month for a nice price, so im going to rebuild it and ride it for the winter. Lot of fun because normally we dont have...
  6. D

    ducar 150cc not starting

    hi there guys i have just replaced piston and rings in my 150cc now it wont start :\ while i had it apart i turned a screw on the side of the cylinder that controlled the cam before realising what it done... yes i know stupid move lol my question is would turning that screw cause the motor not...
  7. S

    Shineray 150s?? What are they....

    So this guy on FB swaps has a 157FMJ looks like a 125 lifan style bottom end with a 150 bore and head....is that on the money? I've never heard of a 157FMJ.... I dont think he wants a whole lot for it...but it looks old, the bike looks like its in fair nick its a big wheel with a 17/15 upgraded...
  8. motorman

    Atomik onboard as new Site Sponsor!!

    Hey All, It's with great pleasure I announce that Atomik have come onboard as a site sponsor. I know a lot of members have Atomik bikes so this is great news for the site and sport. Please welcome Andy and the team onboard. Nick
  9. S

    Lifan 150 RH crank cases are made of plastic? Seriously.....

    *insert lots of swearing here* So went to see the tech master to see if we could solve the gear box issues today. This was the result...... :thumbdown: What the F is this..... My 150 looks like this: Craigs Parts motor looks like this: Craigs other parts motor which we...
  10. S

    SA miniriders day....a few riders short but we still had a blast!!!

    Ok just the easiest thing to edit, I think we're all a little tired today! Will be posting up some youtube vids of it once I have enough energy to edit them!!! Hope some others got out for a boot this weekend? Was a little warm and dusty but hey, still a lot of fun!!
  11. T

    kickstarter problems

    Brand new to forum and I need some hints or advice. Bike ran beautifully yesterday only to start it today did a few kicks then it sounded like it grabbed inside. Locked the bike in gear even with clutch pulled in tried to kick it and it wouldn't budge. Moved the bike around a bit which knocked...
  12. S

    PitPro 150 bigfoot build/dismantle

    Well I did it again. Picked up another bike cause I wanted to get a 150...So I got this. Was pretty damn cheap at $300, has a DNM rear shock fully adjustable and rebound adjustable forks. 150yx and pretty clean generally. Needs a new seat and new rear fender besides that its just a bit of...
  13. rumble

    Anima 150fdx not living up to expectations.

    Have a stock 150 and find it possibly slower than a z160. Looking to get more mid to high power. Currently before it rev limits, the valves start floating, so new valve springs? Carb is an oko 26. Jetted pretty good, happy with how it feels. Have a oko 28 on the z160 so have a bit of...
  14. D

    Diffrent engine cases

    Hey all I gotta get a new LHS engine case for me yx 160. Anyone know if there's differences in them? I read a post in hear a while back where someone got a new one and put the motor back together and had shifting problems. What I remember is it came down to a casing mismatch. Anyone shine some...
  15. xLOCOx

    :( pain in the bum Stator, charging/lighting coil!!

    ive got another thread related to a rec reg setup..... http://www.miniriders.com/ask-tech-masters/38211-how-setup-rec-reg-kit.html gday lads and laddies so i put the coil on.. which was supplied by my67xr.. thanks again . anyway my new coil is generating 3.5V and i was thinking i need...
  16. timeeh

    FOTM Oct/Nov 2013

    <div style="float:left; margin-left:15px;color:#B50203;font-weight:900;font-size: 18px; padding:5px 0px 40px 0px; ">"The last Fifty of the Month for 2013 is now up! Some awesome rides this month, get your votes in... ... and good luck to all who entered" cheers from, the Mod Team</div>...
  17. rotn50

    Daytona Anima 150f rev limiter and ignition timing settings?

    So I did some reading of the 150f anima engine manual and came to the section where you have the different settings of the ignition timing and rev limiter, To those that are running these motors or those that have some insight or knowledge of this im wondering if you have heard what settings...
  18. P

    daytona 190

    What do people think about the 190 pro's and con's? And has anyone had or heard of any problems with them?
  19. Carlts

    Tommys Linkage 160cc Build

    Hey guys, Starting a thread on behalf of my brother and his current build. Got a PSTO tl140 roller for a decent price here in Brissy and it pretty much went from there: Brought the roller home, and ripped her apart straight away: Parts that we are gonna keep were cleaned up...
  20. Q

    Valve Clearance???

    I Just fell off the turnip truck and am still bouncing my head off the ground trying to figure what the correct clearances are for my pit bike. I found this bike on Craigslist so I have no manuals etc. It is a 149cc vertical Loncin motor. The stamp on it starts with LC162FMJ. I have been trying...