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  1. K

    What frame is this? (w/pics)

    Hi, i bought this bike on fb market. It's giving me nothing but headaches as i know only a small amount about bikes. It was listed as a Stomp it almost definitely isn't but it does have certain stomp parts. It has no identification stamped to the frame so I've no clue what year or brand it even...
  2. M

    crf50 to crf70 what is actually different ?

    Hey guys so new to pit bikes always had big bikes. My question is i have a DHZ 160 with the crf50 style, so round rear sub frame. I have the option to change the frame and want to go the crf70 so i can get abit wider. i have the option between both frames atm so im wondering if i buy the crf 70...
  3. B

    pit bike frame?

    just wondering if anyone could help me out, i bought this pit bike frame today and was wondering what it is exactly, i want to buy a swingarm, fuel tank and some plastics but i have no idea what frame it is, thanks blake
  4. Asian

    CRF50 Need Some Advice !!

    Hi I'm new to the site found it whilst looking up mods to do to my crf50 :laughing-smiley-002 anyways i have a question i have recently put a lifan 125cc in my crf50 frame and what i believe to be a 30mm carb have to rise fuel tank to fit it on the bike lol when i use gps speedo to see how...
  5. Mini-Fifty

    XR50 01' Stock/Mod Ultimate stocker build.

    Hey guys, Already had a few mod/stock 50's in the past, sold everything and havent done anything with them the last 2 years. I saw a clean stockXR50 01' frame for sale, bought it and going to start a build from ground up. :D I braced it (Welds doesnt look amazing, but works great) and bought...
  6. K

    What is my bike?

    Hi guys, I picked up this pitbike yesterday for $200 and i'm just trying to identify what I have. The motor is a Dirtmax 150cc and the frame looks very solid. The forks are adjustable and their is also a small star cut in the frame just next to the rear shock mount. Any info would be great...
  7. Mini-Fifty

    Workz WFA 125cc Perimeter project

    Hey guys, Bought a new bike yesterday and im pretty stoked on it :D It is a Workz WFA 125cc Perimeter 2008 with BBR Motorsports licensed frame. It has Fastace forks, DNM Rear shock, CNC hubs, Full Doma Exhaust made for perimeter frame, Tag bars, Aluminium frame, subframe and swingarm, and...
  8. D

    braced crf50 frame or billet thumpstar?

    Hey people. I'm looking for opinions on whether to keep and brace my crf frame or i've got the option to pick up a reasonably priced billet thumpstar frame. The bike will have a +2 swingarm and a longer forks. one of these badboy's:
  9. Snaptrax

    Snaptrax's clearing sale

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 08 Braaap Maestro frame 400 Full billet alloy frame Dnm hornets Dnm rear shock Plastics wheels everything just needs a motor. Great if you have a motor and you want a great frame. 2. Braaap 2011 88 Fresh rebuild just been run in so buy it and fang it. 20mm...
  10. Rizzo97

    Can't find swing arm with 12mm axle ??

    Can't find any swing arms with 12mm wheel axle and 10mm frame axle ? The swing arm on my brothers bike is very old and weak so I'm trying to find a new one for him but can't find anything! It has 12mm wheel axle and 10mm frame axle. Not sure what the frame ad swing arm came off but I think it...
  11. D

    I won a 50

    Hello all. A few weeks ago I got a call telling me to come down and collect my prize. I'm taking this as a sign to start riding 50's again. I had a pretty sweet stocker a while ago but had to sell it to fund my 4wd's, I've quickly realised i dont have the time or $$$ to build another good...
  12. jimbo jones

    My road registered 140cc Assassin / Shineray build

    I sourced a Shinray Yamato frame with ADR tags on it and I am swapping all my assasian gear into it the frame came with the 12v harness for all the lights and horn so all I need now are the blinkers tail light and head light. Here are the before pic's.
  13. L

    Decent 50s frame

    I'm after a 50s frame that I can jump what ones are good
  14. D

    New Here, Have Frame Question

    Hey miniriders, I am Damon, I am 17 y/o and I am a senior in high school. We have a "senior project" to complete in order to graduate at my school. I have always wanted a pit bike to ride around at the track, but never was financially able to do it. I am hoping to build my own pitbike for the...
  15. B

    Help ID'ing this bike?

    Hey guys, hoping you may be able to help me. I recently picked up this bike locally for $100. Not the prettiest looking thing in its current state, but it runs great, and I'll be changing the plastics and fixing the rest up soon. Only thing is, I have no clue what this bike actually is. While...
  16. B-Rad

    B-rads Fiddy Amigos

    So the time came were i finally got a brand new 2014 cr50! Now let the mods begin! Old mate from honda world giving us the lowdown! Hah Brand newie! Got a whole bunch of parts: Ishock Two bros +1 leg kit Sik 50s bar clamp Bmx bars Unifilter And then before i cld even put it...
  17. T

    LEI Pit Bikes

    can any one tell me anything about LEI pit bikes? bad? good? i just brought this of ebay, its only for the missus she wont hardly use it, let me know what you think. NEW LEI Motor SM 150cc RED PIT Trail Dirt Bike | eBay
  18. R

    Parts to Pitbike Build

    Hi all. I'm starting a build that I like to call. Parts to pit bike. I recently finished my last bike to a point that I was happy with.It's a mix of three or four bikes, maybe more that I made into one over the years. I also used second hand parts and ebay items to make my bike :) It turned...
  19. xLOCOx

    Head stem that I got off mr roost666

    Hey guys and girls... My headstem seems to have more lock then the previous one.. I spoke to my mate, he's a motorbike specialist by trade, he reckons it's the stoppers, how will I make it stop earlier ..... Any help would be sweet cheers loco Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. K

    billetware frames for crf50!

    hey all, I'm looking to pick up a billetware frame for a 2010 crf50. I've emailed the company's website but no reply! are there any shops in OZ that carry aftermarket frames and swingers? Has any body purchased anything from them in past or have any idea how I can obtain one? any...