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  1. B

    Fuel outlet too short

    Hi gurus, Just picked myself up a mint Xmotos 250 for a bargain. While going over the bike to prepare for a ride this weekend, i pulled off the fuel tank to check the hoses etc. While putting it back together, i noticed that the actual outlet at the bottom of the tank (that feeds to the fuel...
  2. Asian

    CRF50 Need Some Advice !!

    Hi I'm new to the site found it whilst looking up mods to do to my crf50 :laughing-smiley-002 anyways i have a question i have recently put a lifan 125cc in my crf50 frame and what i believe to be a 30mm carb have to rise fuel tank to fit it on the bike lol when i use gps speedo to see how...
  3. my67xr

    Another pit bike, 138cc, alloy frame, 12/10

    So i picked up another bike the other day, It's a 138cc, allloy framed (faded anodised red), CRF50 style pitty, and seems to be a pretty solidly built bike. Came with Fastace AS02 forks, and I Shock rear? Alloy rims, Kenda Millsville front tyre, and a performance inner rotor kit (debatable)...
  4. N

    Few issues i need a little help with

    Hey yall, got some new jets today, put them in after i rode my bike for a few hours just messing around as i was getting injections and all this other **** so i wasnt riding for awhile!!! anywho! lol.. i put the new jet in, the new jets are #20 the old ones are #15 look the same to me to be...
  5. D

    Schoolies pitpro125r rebuild.

    This bike was purchased by myself and a few mates during our stay up the coast for schoolies. I found it on gumtree before we went up the coast and inspected it upon arrival. In traditional schoolies fashion, the clutch cable was extremely loose, chain had stretched quite a bit, rear end was...
  6. BennyG

    Thumpstar 125 Performance Upgrades?

    Hi all, I own a 2014 Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pitbike. The only mods I've done thus far are racing CDI upgrade, new fuel lines and fuel filter, new unifilter angled air filter, pro taper tucker bars (in the mail soon), pro taper grips, new fuel pet**** (because I broke the old one), new exhaust...
  7. F

    Ducar 200 dies under full throttle, advice needed please

    my 200cc ducar has just had a new mikuni carby fitted ,new spark plug and new fuel lines and filter also I drained the fuel and put fresh fuel in it .. the bike starts well but anything above 2/3rds throttle it completely runs out of puff and crackles and farts etc does anybody have any ideas...
  8. S

    Help with new bike

    Hey guys I just brought my little nephew a Crf50 but after I brought it I found out it has had a Motovert 133cc engine fitted Now I tried to start it today and it won't start so I am asking for some help from the techs or pro's as I have tried a few things and it won't start I pulled the...
  9. B

    50cc fuel query

    Hi all, I have a cheap small 50cc mini quad. Got round to getting it all sorted, now it starts and cuts out. Bit hit and miss whether it will start or not and if it does it cuts out pretty quick. Spark plug was loose somehow :S so tightened that and still does it. removed fuel line between...
  10. davedynamite

    Lifan 125 into Chappy LB80

    Bought the Lifan 125 and dropped it in my Chappy frame... Not as simple as I thought but with some welding and fabricating a mount on top she is where she needs to be now. My problem is I just can't get her tuned properly. Bought a Mikuni as I thought maybe the stock carb from Lifan was crap...
  11. T

    WTB KLX style fuel tank

  12. D

    Quick Question

    My mate just bought a brand new Lei 125CC bigfoot, i just finished putting it together and when ever it doesnt start after kicking it over a good 10 times the air filter actually gets wet with fuel..is this normal??..only new to the scene sorry guys...
  13. my67xr

    Jianshe Coyote PY80 build, china PW80 copy

    here is a rusty Jianshe Coyote PY80 i have just picked up it is a china copy of the world famous Yamaha PW80. i bought this one cheap, paid $110 for it as is it has been sitting outside on someones verandah for the last few years, and has developed a Tin Worm infection (surface rust) i...
  14. L

    got spark got fuel but wont start

    Got a mini dirt bike i have replaced with bare engine which only had to fit carb flywheel and clutch, i havr a spark and the carbs getting fuel but the bike wont fire all i get sometimes is the exhaust back firing but thats it, any ideas jets etc are all clean on carb
  15. M

    150cc Lifan fuel/carby issue

    2 months ago I purchased a 150cc cheapy on ebay, i was told to get one with a LIFAN motor- so i did. It runs like ****! Ive tryed re-setting the float level to every option, ive played with both the idle and fuel/air mixture screw, new air filter, and still runs crap. Bottom end is ok...
  16. sam93

    Octane booster!

    Hey I just found some octane booster that increases your fuel but 7 units of octane. So if you get 98 octane it would then sit at 105 octane Basically would i be able to feel the difference in performance? Has anyone tried to use these before in a pit bike? Will it wreck it...
  17. E

    Fuel Switch?

    I have an fy110cc mini desert which has a leaking fuel switch, are they fixable or will i have to buy a new one. cheers