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  1. M

    Is this bike priced fairly?

    I was told that this bike turns over but needs some wiring and a new brake cable, would this be a good deal or no? I do not know much about bikes.
  2. J

    2000 yz426f removal an replace Steering stem bearings

    Just need a bit of advise I need to change the bearings it's very notchy when turning them I was looking on eBay an they had some tools u can purchase when u buy the bearings this maybe a stupid question but r the tools necessary or can u get buy with chisels or screw driver to remove them an r...
  3. R

    Where to buy part's to suit an SSR110

  4. N

    Mikuni copy 22 26mm Carb help needed asap

    Hey yall.. need some info or advice/help on my mikuni vm26 copy carb, the float bowl gasket is shredded up and leaking at one side, when its on the bike and gas is flowing, so I put some dry weld silicone on it for now but I need to find out where I can buy these bowl gaskets?? ive no idea...
  5. N

    Throttle cable help

    Hey yall.. got a new 7Z RED CNC 7/8" THROTTLE CLAMP SDG SSR CRF70 KLX110 107 110 125 PIT BIKE CL05 and i tried to install it but it seems like my throttle cable is too small? the wire inside the rubbering throttle doesnt go around the throttle inside for me to close it up to twist.. i...
  6. timeeh

    Cordogs, Heres lookin at you kid. Go on, you know you know you wanna. If not Cordogs, someone in QLD has to buy this to keep in the MR Crew ;)
  7. D

    China carby replacement

    Hi peeps. my niece and nephews china 50 just wont hold a tune, I am replacing the carb with something from dhz, of the two 19mm carbs they list I was going to buy the mikuni. this should be fine right? what jets would you guys recommend? Mikuni | 19mm Racing Carburetor Kit | Buy Online...
  8. D

    can someone please help me, CRF50 plastics / sticker kits

    where i can buy the original CRF50 stickers and plastics from??
  9. G

    Oko 28mm carb angles/angled top

    What angles will this carb run at does it make much difference? Also can u buy those right angle carb tops for them Id it helps its a d slide.
  10. gottagetacheaperhobby

    should i buy this bike??

    found a tm 250 2 banger with the engine in bits for 650 bucks. The bloke reckons it needs a new crank and piston, and the bore only needs a hone. Do i buy?!?!?!?!?
  11. T

    Would I be crazy to buy one of these? Has anyone bought from them?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a couple of mini dirt bikes to race around on for a friends birthday. They are being split between a few of us and they only need to last for the one afternoon. I found this one online, very cheap but too good to be true?? Mini Dirt Bike - Mini Dirt Bike DB02C...
  12. bulldog93

    WTB: Stock airfiltter box

    WANTED: After the stock air filter box and all the hardware for it. Turning my nephews bike back into stock CONDITION: Decent. Scratches and scraps are fine. Don't want anything broken or missin PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: You name but has to be decent as I know what it cost to buy brand new...
  13. D

    What kind of exhaust can I fit on this bike

    I have a 125cc pitbike that is missing a part for the exhaust. It's that part of the exhaust that actually bolts on to the motor/header (?). I am new to this and I have no idea which part to buy for my bike. Can I just just buy any 125cc exhaust system? Can someone please show me what kind of...
  14. G

    Z160HO installing into 125 frame

    Hey I'm thinking of buying the Z160HO from eBay but im a bit worried about installation and if it will go straight in. Would I need to buy a different clutch cable and carby This is the motor that's in atm 156fm1. Can you see any problems I could possibly have.
  15. irvss

    Idea's for Performace parts for 125cc

    I'm wondering what i could do to my 125cc to make it faster, if you know anything or have done yourdself, hit me up !
  16. Carlts

    Custom Graphics

    Hey Guys I currently own a pitpro with crf50 style plastics and Ive been looking at getting a graphic kit for it. But after much searching Ive found the selection of graphic kits to be extremely limited. I was wondering what you guys think of getting custom graphics made? Here is a...
  17. tommyh

    crf50 upgrade to klx110

    Hey guys I am currently looking at upgrading my pitpro 125rr to a klx frame. The components I have bought already include: 295mm DNM rear shock pro taper SE pro Taper grips KMC 104 link chain everything else is stock for 125cc pitpro rr What other components are required in making...
  18. I

    eBay Buying Guide - how to get bargain

    Hi guys .. nice forums you've got here ! I've been doing my research on this forums to get my bike and I wanted to share my experience on how I buy stuff from eBay , how to get a bargain and also how to get a good warranty services. Research Completed Price To see the completed...
  19. L

    What Bike should I get?

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie to the site but its pretty awesome the amount of info on here. I want to get a PitBike, I will ride it but its more for my 17 year old brother in law. I've been doing a lot of reading and research but there seems to be so much to learn. I don't want anything to...