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  1. dno92


    Whats up everyone, This is now the second time in three weeks that the bolt that holds my clutch to the crankshaft has snapped entirely while riding it. I have a torque converter on it but with how many people i've seen with this torque converter there is no way that this is a common issue. Im...
  2. R

    Turning manual 2 speed into automatic

    I have a SSR Lazer 5 moped. It has a 2 speed transmission that can only be shifted by stopping. Can I get this to shift on the fly. Maybe changing the clutch to an auto. Changing the springs or something in the clutch. Is it trans related. 1P39FMB
  3. A

    140cc Lifan Clutch, Seriously need help.

    Hello, I've just signed up because this flipping lifan engine is grinding my gears. Ok so the clutch isn't disengaging I might be possibly missing something! The pin inside the clutch cover works fine. But on the engine that pin is just engaging to the bearings on the pressure plate, am I...
  4. S

    M2R 125cc Clutch problem

    So I recently got a brand new m2r 125cc pit bike and at first pulling the clutch lever didn't engage the clutch, after a few adjustments (to the lever and clutch cable) I managed to get the clutch to work. However it seems like pulling the lever doesn't actually fully engage the clutch. When the...
  5. criggs

    Roketa 125cc Pit Bike Clutch problem

    Hey guys. I recently purchased a cheap (admittedly beaten up a bit) used 2005 Roketa 125cc pit bike from someone on craigslist. Allegedly the only thing wrong with it was a stripped kickstarter, but I was told that it could be push-started and would run like a champ. 100 bucks, figured I'd...
  6. T

    Clutch problems

    I have recently purchased a tmx pro 49cc quad for my son, it need new clutch so I replaced it but now it doesn't really want to go, I noticed the springs were slot stronger on the new clutch, also I noticed one pad on the clutch has already come off. Are all the clutches universal for these...
  7. J

    Pit Bike Issues

    Hi Guys, im new here (Will introduce myself). I recently purchased a 150cc Pit Bike (Chinese im assuming). Got the bike for next to nothing due to it needing some work. According to the seller, the bike needed oil ring because of the smoke and clutch lever. I replaced the clutch lever to test...
  8. M

    drive train slop / lag

    I have about two second delay between when engine revs and xr50 picks up and goes when I throttle up . also jerks when throttling down. It's an 03 xr50 stock motor. Just replaced clutch plates and put bbr springs. Clutch is adjusted properly and broken in. Carb is adjusted properly. Anyone...
  9. china911

    washer daytona anima ??? flat profile

    l have looked at the pdf (kick start assembly) what l see there is a washer sitting on the kicker shaft just behind the rubber oil seal on the side cover. l had the clutch apart when l found a washer floating in the sump. (factory error) l am certain its not from there as the washer is...
  10. timeeh

    So my gearbox stoped working...

    As some may of read, my last race meet at Baccus last year on the last race of the day the gearbox went on my bike.... So inbetween working, and moving I finally dropped the engine today to try and find the cause. Think i may of found it? What do you guys think? Should it buff out? Also...
  11. S


    Can someone please tell me what brand of bike this is so I can try and source parts for it ? It's electric start and kick chock is on the handle bats but is broken and it is a 125 cc 4 gears clutch ? Cheers Kurt.
  12. D

    Wanting Parts for a Pitsterpro 50cc

    As title says, Looking to buy a brake lever and clutch lever preferably gold or red and in great condition also wanting an extended front brake cable for the pitster pro XJR 50cc SS that suits the front drumb brakes and also an extended Clutch cable for a Lei 125cc engine as thats what i have...
  13. M

    china 110 loncin atv engine clutch parts seem to be missing?

    i bought this atv casing was open parts of the clutch is missing the front face plate old owner says this shaft was never there like on the image i showed of 125cc. am i missing this shaft?or is this something only on the 125cc, if i am supposed to have one can you tell me what it is called or...
  14. Cordogs

    155z clutch slippage

    Hey guys had some pretty severe clutch slippage on Saturday, enough to almost completely neutralise the bike and put me out of race 3 :( This is almost certainly my fault for using synthetic oil, although the bike has nearly 24 hrs on it and it's the first time this has happened. Also when my...
  15. B

    Side casing for a ip56fmj

    Ok I have been trying every where to find these casings the right and left sides I can find the main casing but not the same color and i can't find the round clutch cover any where I don't really know what to search for though apart from lifan 150 and they all come with the clutch to the...
  16. D

    Should a bike roll in gear while clutch is pulled in?

    Hey guys, is a bike suppose to start rolling forward when its in gear while im holding the clutch lever in? Everything else is fine and it doesnt feel like the clutch is slipping. Would be as simple as adjusting the clutch cable or would be as severe as replacing the clutch basket?
  17. black prince

    Lifan 125CC clutch nut!!!!!!

    Hi need assistance Lifan 125CC clutch nut left or right hand thread???????????? Need to undo clutch nut.
  18. B

    CRF50 Clone NEED Help

    My CRF50 fully automatic 49cc 4 stroke clone motor is not running right, it has barely any power. Starting from a standstill takes longer than it should and it can barely climb the slightest inclines. Just put new gaskets on the top end. Compression test read 145psi. I have tried messing with...
  19. G

    Z160HO installing into 125 frame

    Hey I'm thinking of buying the Z160HO from eBay but im a bit worried about installation and if it will go straight in. Would I need to buy a different clutch cable and carby This is the motor that's in atm 156fm1. Can you see any problems I could possibly have.
  20. K

    High Revs with clutch in

    G'day guys, (TITLE: HIGH REVS WITH CLUTCH IN***) I've bought a 2nd hand Atomik 250 XR Fury (2013 Model) and I have 2 questions which would love a response to! It seems that ONLYwhile riding and I am coming to a stop/ slowing down for whatever reason; after i drop it into 1st gear and hold the...