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  1. J

    A cheap all inclusive Lighting kit ?

    Hi, I am looking for a cheep 12v light kit that I can put on my minibike as I prepare to make it sreeet legal. I am looking for something super simple and that has at minimum turn signals that blink and a break light with controls for turn signals. If a kit has more then that please feel free to...
  2. B

    Z160Ho lighting and battery charging?

    Hi all! I've been doing some engine swapping lately on my rx50 (used to have a yx150 with a 125cc stator/flywheel and now it is a tiny bit dead...) and now I have managed to fit a z160ho inside that crammed little frame. It has the outer rotor kit (as all of them do) but there are no charging...
  3. N

    Anyone know where to get these parts??

    Hey yall, just wondering where i can find a few tiny parts i may need in the future.. Sorry no pics and havent an idea of what there called. but im looking the for rubber hole gasket type things you put into the rear number plates that push into the rear fender?? also looking to see where...
  4. D

    Lights on Pit Bikes

    I've never needed lights or thought of having them till I went riding in the stato the other night. I had a dolphin torch strapped to the front but it gave poor visibility. I nearly was bitten by a snake on a track as I failed to see it till I rode past and it stuck at me. Anyways I want...
  5. Y

    2002 kawasaki 110 143cc big bore kit

    So i had my bike sitting for YEARS!!!! Just Got it running but only runs on reserve and choke open all the way , i was told it may need a filter thats in the gas tank. I know little of these bikes as you can tell . I just got a 143cc big bore kit and have no idea where to start . If you guys...
  6. Stubsy

    110cc options

    hey guys I have 2 x 110cc quads coming. Just wonder if anyone knows of a bore kit to suit at all? Anyone had an experience with modding a 110cc??
  7. yzf250rider


    ITEM AND CONDITION: 2008 honda crf50 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1350 negotiable. Cash on pick-up. Sold as is. EXTRA INFO: rebuilt 2 hours ago using tb 88 kit, Hd oil pump and has 4 speed gear box, kitaco rev box, bigger carby ishock +1 forks recently powder coated...
  8. BennyG

    Inner Rotor Kit......HELP

    Hi all, The next upgrade I plan to do to my Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pit bike is to install an inner rotor kit. I know little to nothing about them other then what youtube has taught me. Has anyone installed one on their 125 before? Can anyone recommend a good kit to buy? Is it worth it?! Any...
  9. C

    atomik 70cc lifan

    My son has an Atomik 70cc lifan he would like to know how to get it going harder and faster We have looked for an inner rotor kit with no success what can we do without spending a fortune cheers Peter
  10. ?

    crf50 88cc kit :)

    I just bought a crf50 and wanted to buy a 88cc kit to get a bit more power, but are they worth getting? Is there much difference ?? I was thinking of this one Classic Honda 50's Australia - TB Race Head, 88cc Bore, 20mm Carb Kit - 82-13 Models [TBW0936] Anyone who has would appreciate the...
  11. T

    Any Ideas on what make this is

    Anyone help me with a brand and where I might get a sticker kit for this bike
  12. GooseMan

    GasGas FSR515 2008

    Hey, some of you may know that I have got myself a new bike. I need some help trying to find parts, I have contacted the dealer and they can get parts for me but they are asking a lot of money for them. So does anyone know where to find parts for these, I need a piston kit, 2 base gaskets and a...
  13. F

    klx110 kitaco 165 bigbore $$ location gold coast

    ITEM AND CONDITION: klx110 2008 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: offers/swaps REASON FOR SELLING:wanting a z50 EXTRA INFO: kitaco 165cc big bore kitaco crank kitaco head kitaco inner rotor kit bigbore carb hydro clutch magura new seat new plastics blue powder coated fram...
  14. Rizzo97

    Inner rotor kit!? Opinions

    Anyone out there already installed one of these ? And r they any good :)
  15. Snaptrax

    2004 Yz290f For sale

    TEM AND CONDITION: 2004 yz250f with a 285cc cylinderworks big bore kit and a hotrods stroker kit to take it out to 292cc odd. Easily one of the cleanest 04 bikes you will ever se PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: 3,300 For miniriders guys youll get a better price. REASON...
  16. M

    Help with CRF50

    Hi guys this is my first post so sorry in advance if it's not in the right topic. I'm about to buy a 2014 crf 50 and got plans of doing some mods to it, I'm not to fussed on putting a 88 kit in it for the moment it'll just be for abit of fun and to ride with my son who I'm teaching to ride at...
  17. the50king

    HELP: wiring up outer rotor kit

    HELP i need help wiring up my out rotor kit i just bought, didnt come with a diagram or anything so im stuck doing it by my self anyone know what wires go where??? Racing Out Rotor Kit, Adjust Timing, Semi-Digi CDI, Harness
  18. the50king

    Inner Rotor /Out Roter kits??

    I was riden my dhz125 and the chain came off, it cracked the magneto case and broke the magneto so i was thinking about putting a Rotor kit on it i've heard the inner ones will blow ya bike up pretty quick and i've heard the Out Rotor kits are a bit better. I dont know the difference between...
  19. A

    Please help me identify??

    I have a pit bike that for the life of me I cannot identify. I know it is a 125cc, 4 stroke, has a clutch and came with an extreme kit. It has the numbers/letters LE8ZGHLCO41100308.
  20. Carlts

    Custom Graphics

    Hey Guys I currently own a pitpro with crf50 style plastics and Ive been looking at getting a graphic kit for it. But after much searching Ive found the selection of graphic kits to be extremely limited. I was wondering what you guys think of getting custom graphics made? Here is a...