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  1. Sneezy

    How to take of stator from 125??

    Hey guys, my sisters boyfriend has a 125 from cobb and co that thump 140 got for him before he passed away, there is no spark at all and all the wiring has been checked/replaced, so i ahve orderd a new stator and magneto etc. Iam trying to get the old Stator off but the two **** chine...
  2. X

    what is the Chinese inner rotor,stator clearance for a xr50

    Hey, i bought a inner rotor off ebay for my xr50, but i think the magneto clearance is wrong on it cause when i go to take off it has a little delay. i have rebuilt the carby and drainned all the fuel incase there was water in it. I have looked everywhere to try find the clearance and couldnt...
  3. theMINDLESSone

    Stator/Magneto thingy!

    hi all well, i was riding my pittie the other day after i put a new caliper on the rear. i forgot to tension the chain and i came of off while i was riding. it bunched up inbetween the font sprocket and magneto cover and smashed the magneto cover off. the little reveiver thing (not sure what...
  4. thump*140

    ORK Wiring Diagram

    Ok, a few guys have been having problems with wiring up ORK's, particularly when converting a standard ignition engine to an ORK fitted engine.... The pic below is the wiring loom i have used to convert the miniblitz from your "standard" loom and ignition system, to a 160HO motor with ORK...
  5. matty_77

    Coil Unit and Upgraded stator unit yx 140

    Hi, Any you guys know on a coil wether the green or Black are postive. As I have a postie usually they only have one postive and the coil earths threw the frame. Also am putting an yx 140cc in my postie and just wondering wether you guys suggest putting in that lightened stator uit kit. It...
  6. Mitch7615


    how do you tell if your stator is routed
  7. bulldog93

    Stator replacement

    Tools used: -Impact screwdriver, -14mm socket, -22mm open ended spanner with small extension bar, -rattle gun (air compressor), -Phillips head screwdriver and -Hammer 1)Take of the sprocket cover. 2)Take of the nut that’s holding the flywheel on (1 X 14mm nut). 3)Insert the larger bit...
  8. R

    Stator problems

    i put a new stator on my 125 lifan. connected the wires exactly the same how i disconnected them black from bike into green from stator black/red from bike to red/black from stator blue/white to blue/white there is also a green with red wire. a white 1 and a yellow wire. these 3 dont...
  9. 1fifty1wheel

    1P56FMJ rotor/stator compatability

    Here is a photo i nicked from an old thread of 'NUMROE's' As you can see with the ORK style ignition and the pickup mounted directly to the mounting plate (not on an extension outward from the plate), and the tight fiting cover, I cannot fit a rotor/stator suitable to charging (well the...
  10. DvDRip

    Lifan Stator onto a YX ?

    All the stators on ebay say suits 125-140 lifan, there's none for YX140. It looks pretty much the same but I just wanna double check with you guys if it's compatible cheers
  11. fear and

    moto works lifan Stator/Magneto???

    Can some one link me to a moto works 2008 lifan magneto. like ebay or something im just not sure which one it is. Also a magneto cover/front sprocket, side plate thingo. Thanks.
  12. BananaMan

    Need help!! does anyone have a standard stator/magneto lying around

    Hi Guys, a friend of mine just bought an Atomik Nitrous and wants to set it up for rec rego, however the nitrous only comes with a single coil magneto which does not have a voltage output to run a light setup. I'm hoping someone on here who has upgraded to a IRK ( which also only has a single...
  13. DvDRip

    will lifan 125 stator work on a 140 lifan?

    I'm trying to diagnose why my bikes running like crap suddenly so I wanna swap out out the stator from my bro's 125, will this work or do they both use different kind of stators?? cheers :D
  14. D

    Magneto / Stator plate problems

    heys guys i have just bought a new stator plate or what ever they are called my old one snaped clean off i was just wondering does anyone know or have an idea of how to take off the bowl/magneto do i need a special tool or whats the go? thanks
  15. S

    Stator/Magneto Problem

    Howdy, my chain came off and cracked the magneto cover which then pushed onto this little plastic thingy (see pic) and cracked it a little as well. From my understanding it looks like it should have a little steel thingy hanging out or some copper brushes or something so as the steel wheel...
  16. H

    Stator plate (Magneto) for Thumpstar

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, sorry if it isn't. Hey, Well my bike broke about 3 months ago now. I couldn't get any spark from it at all. I've spent the last 3 months trying to get it working myself. I've replaced the Spark plug, cdi, coil and checked all the electrics...
  17. pitmaster

    bike backfiring? URGENT iam going riding now!!!!

    just went to go for a ride, bike starts first kick still, but is backfiring when the throttle is snapped back, and will idle for about 10-20 seconds than splutter and die!!!! what could it be? i just put a new plug in, made no difference i was thinking vacumn leak? but cant find any...
  18. T

    Stator/Magneto not fireing

    i am not getting a spark at the magneto,i am getting a spark at the spark plug .i installed a new magneto and still no spark any help[:confused:
  19. T

    Stator/Magneto wiring

    i have a 4 stroke mini dirt bike the other day my son was riding it an the chain came off and broke the box off at the magneto so i order a new one and forgotwhat wire went with what wire any help would be nice
  20. P

    Stator/Magneto problem ?

    hay my bikes got a "magneto" problem, theirs no spark. ive tryed a new cdi and coil but still no spark. now the pikes making some strange CLICK CLICK CLICK sound from some gold thing that hads a rubber cover over it. this is the pic. and this...