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  1. L

    125cc Help Pops and White Smoke upon starting

    So i have a newly built 125cc Pit bike. New refurbished 125cc automatic motor, electric start. Mounted Horizontal. New wiring harness. 1st issue; The manufacturer/ description said they removed all the oil before shipping, so I added 900ml. Come to find out those MFrs actually had about...
  2. Naturalbornthriller

    Pit Bike Idling High then low then high .exc. with choke on or off:(

    I have an EVO 140cc Lifan Engine Iv noticed it is low on oil but dont know if it could be causing this problem, sorry im fairly new to bikes, also nothing really changes with the air fuel mix (only one screw on the carb and its on the left hAND SIDE opposite ide from the choke. Any...
  3. D

    Gpx 125cc problems

    Hi everyone and thanks for reading my post. I have a problem with my motor it is a GPX 125CC. I bought the bike and brought it back home I got maybe 15 minutes of time out of it and then they croaked.topped in 4th gear was going about 50 to 55 miles an hour I get back into my buddies driveway...
  4. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2015

    Get Your votes in Jan/Feb FOTM is live! <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align: left;"><div style="height:40px;line-height: 0;"><div style="color:rgb(20,20,20);background:#1382DA;width: 40px; height:40px;float:left;line-height...
  5. J

    z160ho oil cooler help needed

    I have a pitsterpro z160ho which I want to totally remove the oil cooler and not use it at all.. as the motor is in my z50r and the cooler clutters it up too much (want a cleaner look) is it just a case of finding bolts and blocking the holes in the motor ? or do I have to run a pipe to link the...
  6. china911

    oil cooler for anima 190

    has anyone carried out a comparison on the best oil cooler at a reasonable price. Preferably with banjo bolt set up.
  7. G

    110 getting to hot

    Hey fellas.. Pretty new to the board but im just now learning the small engines.. My son has a mini 110cc atv and ive noticed its getting pretty damn hot now that he rides longer.. Iv got an electric fan i plan on putting on the side of the motor but ive also looked into oil coolers but he...
  8. J

    Need advise Engine oil coolant an fork oil

    Hi I just brought a yz426f 2000 or 01 an want to change all fluids wondering if castrol 4t 15-50 is good for my engine i ues that in mine an my sons pitser an is any coolant good enough to use an my fork seals are shot an im thinking of changing them myself if its not to hard an was look at some...
  9. C

    China 125 bike build/revive! can anyone help ID this bike?

    Project canned! Got a crf50 now
  10. R

    49cc coolster questions

    So I just bought my little cousin a 49cc coolster dirtbike. I know you mix oil and gas for the fuel but I'm not sure if it uses oil in the transmission. It is an automatic with centrifugal clutch. Please inform me.
  11. Rizzo97

    Kx85 wouldnt run properly now won't even start need help

    Hey everyone. I got a old 2001 kx85 yesterday and me and my brother have been workin on it ever since trying to get it back in running order seeing As its been very neglected. The bloke I baught it off said it had just had a rebuild and taken for a few rides then left in the shed. Won't go into...
  12. roostyamates

    Air filter oil

    not sure if this is the right place to be asking but im sure some one can help.. is it necessary to buy air filter oil to re-oil the filter after washing? i have read people using just vegetable oil.. how safe is this? would 10w40 engine oil be okay ?
  13. BlndDvl

    Fitting an oil cooler to a TDR Pro 125cc

    I recently got back into bikes after 20 odd years. In essence you could call me a bare basic beginner. I have picked up 3 bikes in past 6 months, a 110cc semi auto Marshin, a little 49cc 2 stroke pocket (for Sh*&ts n giggles) and recently a TDRpro 125cc semi auto. Was wondering if it is...
  14. O

    2006 orion 125cc oil

    Hi I'm just wondering what oil to use and where is the oil filter in my 2006 Orion 125cc
  15. B

    pw50 single throttle cable conversion

    Has anyone on here converted there pw50's to single throttle cable and done away with the oil injection? If so how did you go about it and what cable would or did you use?
  16. P

    Atomik pro x 125 fork oil

    Hi everyone new hear just a quick question the front forks on my 08 pro x 125 are very soft they use half there travel when i just sit on it i weigh about 55kg. Iv got fork oil for it question is where do i fill it up from the adjusters on the top don't seem to undo do is there another spot i...
  17. Cordogs

    155z clutch slippage

    Hey guys had some pretty severe clutch slippage on Saturday, enough to almost completely neutralise the bike and put me out of race 3 :( This is almost certainly my fault for using synthetic oil, although the bike has nearly 24 hrs on it and it's the first time this has happened. Also when my...
  18. jimbo jones

    Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal

    My Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal is leaking it's not a big deal to change but I can be stuffed if I can find one for sale on eBay or net anywhere. So where do you guys buy your seals from?
  19. LEO DPRO 037

    Oil Coolers

    Hey guys need some experienced knowledge or advice. Other than the shear bulk of it, can an oil cooler be too large? Im looking at some 7-19 row alloy car oil coolers online selling for around $60. The biggest 19 row one is about 13 inches wide and 7 inches high and 2 inches deep.. I feel like...
  20. LEO DPRO 037

    fork oil

    Can anyone tell me roughly how much oil ill need to re-fill my forks on a dhz dpro160. And what types are there, any recommendations or advice appreciated.